31 October 2011

my birthday & halloween.

my birthday is the day before halloween. i'm kind of tired of having a halloween birthday, but i guess that won't ever change.

annabelle was little orphan annie for the trunk or treating we did at olympus hills shopping center on saturday. i didn't have black shoes, so she wore black tights and white shoes and she doesn't keep things on her head, so she was a bald annie. i think she was still cute though. she ate one of those long skinny tootsie rolls. the entire thing! which is quite the feat considering she doesn't have any teeth. (i can feel one coming up on the bottom side, but it's not visible yet.)

sunday was my birthday. chase woke me with annabelle and breakfast in bed. i said thanks and then told him i was going to sleep longer... i sure did. i re-woke up at about noon. heavenly morning. especially because i was up at 4:30 with my baby. ever since she was sick last week, she hasn't been sleeping through the night as well.

chase spoiled me with gifts, as he always does. a new banana republic dress, with sleeves, high cut, to the knee and with pockets. every mormon's dream dress, which always seems so hard to find. also pretty silver leaf earrings and a mirror decoration with two little love birds.

i went to sunbeams and they sang happy birthday to me in singing time. annabelle was adorable in sacrament meeting. no crying or yelling or anything distracting. she did play in the aisle with some friends though, but quietly so i didn't mind. mostly the looked at each other holding their own toys.

after church we went to chase's parents for a chili dinner. it was a lot of fun. it's nice to get together with them without all the siblings once in a while.

we came home and i got to g+ hangout with my entire family! the siblings at least. it was so much fun to have all six of us siblings and spouses there- besides jimmy who was out of town and working... which seems funny to say he couldn't join in cause he was out of town, because that's the best thing about g+ hangouts. we can be (and were) in nyc, chicago, arizona, provo and slc & all still get together. yay!

it was a good day and i loved all the calls, texts, emails and facebook messages. thanks everyone!

happy birthday to me.... and happy halloween today.

ps: check back tonight for added pictures, i'm too tired to get them off my camera right now. :)

25 October 2011

my week {last week}

I wrote this on Friday the 21st of October:

"I've been sick all week. It's hard to be a {good} mom AND be sick. At the start of the week, I just had a mini cold, barely noticeable. This morning it got 100 times worse. :(

Besides being sick, I did have some fun.

I've been making Annabelle a quilt for her 1st birthday. I've never made a quilt before, which will be obvious if you count the number of mistakes I've made along the way, but I think it will turn out just fine. Hopefully I'll have it finished for her birthday!

As I stated in my last post, I want to do more sewing and watercoloring, so I made invitations to Annabelle's little first birthday party next week. I drew it and added a couple watercolor pictures, then had it copied. The copies aren't as pretty, but I'm still proud of myself. I gave some, mailed some and just emailed a picture to some people.

For a Halloween activity, I marshmallow ghosts with my sister and her kids. Marshmallows dipped in white chocolate with mini chocolate chip eyes and some with a caramel center, on a stick... Mmm.
Oh and I painted my nails ORANGE for Halloween."

That is where my Friday post ends. Since I didn't get around to posting it,  here's the update as of today:

I'm still sick.
I've made progress on the quilt, but not enough.
My house is a little mini- disaster.
My baby turns ONE tomorrow morning.
Chase got really sick yesterday.
I don't feel like doing anything right now.
Oh yes, and one more thing.....

15 October 2011

my attempt at watercolor

i love to water color paint. i'm not good. i want to get better. i painted chase a couple things. it was before the summer that i would paint every week with my mom and some of her friends. annabelle was little enough that she would just sit around and play with toys. now she is much too active. i wish i had more time for myself... hah, don't all moms?

i want more time to paint and sew. perhaps i just need to buy more baby movies for annabelle. :)

10 October 2011

my hunt for the perfect rug.

We rearranged our living room to accommodate our crawling, standing, almost walking baby. We put our coffee table in the corner beside the chair and now the center of the room is just a wide open space... waiting to be played in!!
i took this quality panoramic photo right now on my iphone.
notice the computer? that's where i'm sitting right now, writing this post.
I love our hardwood floors, but I think Baby wants it to be a little softer when she falls. Although it adds a lot of color, the little bright pink blanket just isn't cutting it. Ha. This means, we are on a hunt: to find the perfect rug.

I was at Ikea today and I actually found the perfect rug. The only problem is it's $400. I mean, I'm sure it's worth four hundred dollars, but we don't have that much to spend on just a rug. I'm thinking I'll sell some things, to try to come up with the difference between what this Dagny Rug costs and what we were thinking of spending. Do you think I have a couple hundred dollars worth of junk really nice stuff to sell? We'll see. Perhaps instead, we'll find another perfect rug that is in our price range. Ideas?

it's a pretty rug, now isn't it?
do you think it would look good in my living room?

ps: i am currently taking donations. {in the form of money, really nice stuff to sell, or simply in the form of this rug. :)}

06 October 2011

my baby loves the cold!

getting ready to go to her cousins house.

on our way, eating her gloves.

she was slipping all over the place
with her mittens and footed jammies.

super excited to play with o & e.

i love my winter baby.

{It's time to buy her some winter gear though! She doesn't even own a coat yet.} 

i on the other hand, do not love winter.

03 October 2011

my growing {or not so growing} family.

"The bearing of children is a sensitive subject that can be very painful for righteous women who do not have the opportunity to marry and have a family.  To you noble women, our Heavenly Father knows your prayers and desires.  How grateful we are for your remarkable influence, including reaching out with loving arms to children who need your faith and strength."  -Neil L. Andersen

I follow A Cup of Jo's blog. Today her Motherhood Monday post today was about infertility. A mother shared her story about her struggle to conceive, which only eventually happened though medical intervention. Which is really a miracle that they are able to help a lot of women have babies, although if that doesn't work, maybe it would make it harder to deal with because you'd expect that IVF would work. It really made me feel sad to read her story (and the many others out there) of struggling to get pregnant.
i should{should i} be happy with just one?

You're probably wondering what this has to do with me?  I obviously was able to get pregnant, carry full term and deliver a happy little healthy baby.  But lately I've been really emotional about getting pregnant. I always imagined that I would have two babies really close in age. Like REALLY close, as in, I wanted to be pregnant by now. I know, I know, I really do not have the place to complain, but it's my blog, so I am going to. I STILL have not started my period since having my baby. I know that it's normal to go a while before it starts again after having a baby, but I didn't think it would be THIS long! Annabelle is almost a year old and I haven't been breastfeeding for a few months. I know a lot of friends who's period came back while they were breastfeeding, only a few short months after their babies were born. Not me. It's something so little-seeming, but to me it's big. I hate the feeling of knowing that my body right now CANNOT make a child right now. It's scary to think, and often I do think, what if Annabelle was an only child, or what if we don't have another baby for ten years? It would be so different than what I imagined for my family.
i want lots of these babies.

After LDS Conference {more specifically Neil A. Anderson's talk on children}, Chase said to me, "So when ARE we going to have another baby." I flipped out at him thinking, "Why would he ask me such an insensitive question? He's so rude. How horrible of him to bring that up without even thinking of what my body can, actually cannot, do right now! Etc etc..." I didn't even realize I was being irrational at the time, I was just so hurt.

I'm sorry to any of you who are also wishing for a baby right now. My little trial right now is just exactly that, little. The likelihood of me being able to get pregnant within the next couple years is strong, I know.
At least right now I can say I have a lot of sympathy {and perhaps a tiny bit of empathy} for those women who want to but are not having babies.

"It is a crowning privilege of a husband and wife who are able to bear children, to provide mortal bodies for these spirit children of God.  We believe in families and we believe in children."  -Neil L. Andersen

01 October 2011

my blog stalkers.

Hi readers... yes all of you! Even you, that person I don't know.
I've had a few people that I don't know well {or really at all} tell me that they embarrassingly enough read my blog, Gasp!
momma & baby

I think this is funny that they feel embarrassed about reading my blog. They say sorry for "stalking" me. Now if my blog was private and they{you} were hacking in to read the personal details of my life because you were obsessed with me, yes, that would be stalking. But I have a public blog, which I often link to from The Facebook, and when people just read it, it is not called stalking.

I feel like with facebook and blogs, people use the term "Stalking" too much. It diminishes the real use of the word: To pursue obsessively and to the point of harassment or To follow or observe (a person) persistently, especially out of obsession or derangement. Now THAT is stalking and illegal and often dangerous.

So to all you blog-stalkers out there, let's find a different name for you.
From now on say:
You read my blog.
You follow my blog.
You find my blog interesting.
You like my blog.
You found my blog.
You have my blog on reader.
Or etc etc etc...

daddy & baby
yes, in the crib playing.
ps: Don't worry too much about it though, I've used this term too. Lots.