21 September 2011

my workout ramblings.

Are you watching Biggest Loser this season?
I am. 

I haven't watched since Season 5, when Ali Vincent won. {i had to look that up, i didn't remember} 
As you know, if you've read my blog, I've been working out hardcore every morning. It was 3 hours a day and now it's 2 hours a day. I love it.

I hate it. {and I love it!!!} It's hard. It's really hard to get up every morning. It's hard to get to the gym. It's hard to start the workout. It's hard to keep pushing myself. It's hard work. It is really hard work!!

And it is SO worth it. Seriously, I've been loving it. I want everyone to do it with me!! 
{for real- i want everyone to do it with me, call/text/email/comment if you want to come with me, anytime! it's much more fun to workout with someone you know. plus they give 2 days free to anyone who wants it, so you don't lose anything if you don't like it, ha, but you'll love it.}

an after workout stretch with attain fitness. 
I work out with Attain Fitness, up at Studio Cove. I'm doing a Fitness Camp with them. When I started, I thought the workouts were so weird. They had all these strange ways of exercising they were making us do. I had never done ANY of them. {I'd never really worked out before. I've done some cardio here and there and I've done Yoga classes and Step Classes, recently I'd done some Body Pump classes that Studio Cove offers.}

But back to the workouts... I thought they were weird, but as I was watching the Biggest Loser contestants, they were doing all the same things as my trainers were having ME do. I couldn't believe it really. Back when I used to watch, I thought I could never do anything they were doing... but I can and I do. Ok, perhaps I exert {a tiny bit} less than these contestants, because I'm obviously not losing 20+ pounds a week! Ha. 
But I have lost 8 inches in my abdomen already! I'm pretty proud of that. I just wish I didn't carry my weight in my arms, I've only lost one inch on them. Regardless of my inches and weight, which both are decreasing, each time I work out, I can do SOOO much more than I was able to when I started. 

I am very proud of myself! 
{can you tell?}

yes, i know i look like a man in the picture up there-- but we sweat so much working out, that any make up you have on, runs down your face. seriously, just this morning my sweat was dripping into my eyes. my hair felt like i was in a swimming pool and i even had little balls of sweat all over my arms. 
is that typical you ask? yes.

I was watching the show online and writing this post during the boring parts, it just ended and I am more motivated than ever to work my hardest each time I work out and to reel in my {not perfect} eating habits.
Who's with me!? 
Anyone else want to be THE BIGGEST LOSER?!!

on a hike with my family, it was short and hard.
but i know i wouldn't have even wanted to go on a hike two months ago.


LindsayAndrew said...

Brit! You look awesome! Good job! super impressed!

Tiffany Brown Olsen said...

I'm so proud of you! Keep it up. I am trying to get back into working out everyday and I it so hard to stay motivated. I wish I was there so I could work out with you!

Emily M. said...

YOu are AWESOME! 8 inches?! holy crap girl! i am really jealous. i wish that i had time to come with you and money to buy a pass. (i know i can make time, but not right now with the half marathon). and lets be honest, by the time i graduate in april, i will hopefully be prego again, or soon thereafter. will you be my workout buddy a year and half ish from now, then?? :) MAAAAYBE after the half i will buy a pass and join you. just maaaaaaaybe. :)

mom said...

Brittany this is really so great. You are an amazing person. I love how much you put into everything you do and how you welcome everyone around you to join in your happiness... you are looking so so so good.

Brittany Anne Nielsen said...

thanks everyone, and emily... you should get a pass there and we can work out together. i'm probably not going to do the attain fitness program any longer, so i need someone to be my work out buddy.