17 September 2011

my sabbath, unplugged.

this is my family. we love each other. a lot.

Tonight I was reading the Parenting magazine that comes to my house every month {that i didn't sign up for... did anyone else start getting that magazine randomly when they had a baby? i think the hospital gives them your address or something.}  There was an article about a family that goes "unplugged" every weekend. If it has to be plugged in to work, they don't use it. To be honest the article was kinda stupid and confusing. I hate when you can't tell the gender of the writer... doesn't help when his/her name is Shawn.

That all aside, what I took from the reading was my own idea. Each Sunday I am going to go unplugged.
Here are my new Sabbath Unplugged gaols:
1. No internet, as in blogs, emails, facebook, etc {this will be the hardest for me!}
2. No bringing my phone to church {yes, sadly i'm one of THOSE people}
3. No apps on my iphone
4. No TV/ DVD watching {this won't be hard, except perhaps for Annabelle.}
5. No mindlessly using my phone to look things up

*I am going to allow the usage of my phone to call, text or take pictures though... which I think is reasonable.

I hope to have more time to play with and read to Annabelle {and teach her about Jesus}, write in my journal, write {handwritten} letters to my grandparents, read my scriptures and/ or conference talks, bake or cook and just hang out with Chase, enjoying each others company.

Annabelle eating raspberries & my favorite portrait of Christ, which is in her room.

Wise counsel from Conference and the Ensign, which in regards to my new goals, fit perfectly:
"...a day to be marked by sincere sacrifice of the pursuits and pleasures of the world." -H. Aldridge Gillespie 

"The Lord counseled us that we as a people may keep ourselves “unspotted from the world” by properly observing the Sabbath." -Elder Earl C. Tingey

I especially loved the remark, "unspotted from the world" - that takes a whole new meaning to me when thinking about facebook/ blogging on Sunday.

Sooooo, who's with me? Do any of you already do this? Want to do this? Part of this? I want this to last.... Forever!! 


becca olsen said...

Great Idea! I think I'm going to join you. Also, that picture of Jesus is one of my favourites too, i think it's because I had it in my room as a little girl. Annabelle is just a doll!

jade said...

i'm in!! i love this.

Tiffany Brown Olsen said...

Humm, I can't do it but I am with you in spirit. p.s. I like Annabelle's dress.

{Linds} said...

I need to do this!!

Mom said...

why didn't you tell me you were doing this? You are awesome my baby girl.