19 September 2011

my sabbath unplugged review.

Yesterday was SO nice. I woke up and checked my phone, oops. It's just such a habit I didn't even think about it. Anyway, I showered and played with Annabelle a little before Chase took over. I then wrote in my journal and in the journal I keep for Annabelle. I hadn't written in almost a month, so it was good to get caught up again. I planned out my upcoming week and I decided that each Sunday I will only listen to church music. I love Lex de Azevedo's songs. I opened my laptop and clicked Safari, my gmail popped up! I did it again, it's just habit to open Safari when I open my laptop. I closed it and opened iTunes.
I usually would read blogs and check facebook, perhaps write a blog and upload photos, check the news and this and that. It felt good to have such a free open morning. Oh and I read scriptures and I reread those talks I posted, so I did sneak onto the internet to read them. But I'm making the rules, so I can change them. Like NO internet unless I'm reading LDS talks. :)

My church starts at 1pm and I'm NEVER on time. I always intend to be, but never quite make it. Chase and I hardly ever get to church together- one of us either needs to be there on time or we're staying with Annabelle getting her ready or something. Yesterday I was on time. In fact we all walked to church together. It was nice, we haven't done that for a while. I didn't bring my phone to church, like I committed to. That was nice too- I'm always tempted to text or look at pictures or sneak in checking my emails, but none of that this Sunday. We had Sunday afternoon naps after church and then ate dinner. I cleaned the kitchen and did the dishes and read to Annabelle and we played with her toys together before bed. I always put her to bed with some lullabies and a prayer. I think I'll start reading her scriptures soon too.

I was very present all day. I liked it.

...and here is annabelle, nakie in the bathtub.
she pulled the plug and i just let the water drain so she'd learn.


Emily M. said...

i really love your idea for sunday's. i would join you, only with such a crazy life, sunday's are sadly my homework days now. i DO relate though with the being more "present" thing. i deleted my facebook and i can't tell you how much time i save every day by not having it. it feels so refreshing! i also deleted about half of hte blogs i read, so that frees up more time as well. it is crazy how our lives are so intertwined with the internet these days. it is exhausting. i found myself longing for the days before facebook... you know, the days of reading books and watching movies UNINTERRUPTED! i think i will join you on this sunday one when i graduate though- it is a perfect idea! (i am also aware that i can do the whole no internet thing minus homework, so maybe i will start there!) ALSO (longest comment ever!) i think it's awesome you are going to church sans phone. i have always felt like it's a good idea to leave phones at home. maybe they will make it a commandment. ha joking! and lastly, lets get together this week! friday afternoon?

Tiffany Brown Olsen said...

Sometimes I go whole hours without looking at my phone.

Mom said...

I could never leave my phone home! You are quite the girl! cute that you say prayers with your little precious one. What a lucky girl she is!

Brittany Anne Nielsen said...

oh Emily, excuses excuses. ha. but i couldn't live without facebook.
Tiff, on every other day that is how I am!!