04 September 2011

my nyc adventures.

Last month, I flew with Annabelle to New York City! She was very well behaved on the flight, only once did she throw a toy which landed on the lady's lap two down from us.

My oldest sister, Tiffany, lives in Manhattan with her husband, Jimmy. I went to visit them for a week and Chase met up with us for the weekend. We did loads of things and had so much fun. This is just a little glimpse. Thanks TBO & JJ for a great time.

we shopped. 
i bought shoes.

we ferried.
for a while.

we libraried.

we pianoed.

we gamed.
we ferried more.

we bridged.

we statued.

we empired.

we cousined.

we museumed.
we love ny.
we farewelled.
so long.

Xoxo, Brittany


Janelle said...

Jealous. What a fun trip! Annabelle is the sweetest baby ever. Did you guys really go to a Yankees game?! Can't wait till we go!

Laurel & Bruce said...

So awesome! Thanks for posting.