25 September 2011

My night at the General Relief Society Meeting.

{It's Sunday you say, what about the sabbath unplugged you blogged about last week? It's not for me. Right now it's Saturday night and I am going to schedule my post for the morning. Why you ask? Because I posted something this morning and it bugs me to have two posts from the same day. OCD? perhaps.}

Last year I went with my mom to the Conference Center, 8 months pregnant. It is always nice to be able to go to the actual building it is in. I think the few years before that I watched the meeting either on the TV or on a computer.

This year I went to my mom's stake center for a dinner at 5 and then watched the broadcast in the chapel. I was with two of my sisters and our mom.  It was nice to watch it with a large group of women. *even though situations like that often give me anxiety

It was a lot of fun to get together with my mom and sisters. It was the 4 of us that moved to Utah together over 10 years ago. We used to always do things, just the 4 of us because we lived together and were all single. Now that we are all mature married women {haha}, we usually have our husbands and family in tow. I'm glad my mom invited us to go with her this year.

Mom, Brittany, Brooklyn, Bethany
Aaaaaand, it was really nice to not have Annabelle with me. I rarely (especaily lately, which Chase being in full time school and working full time) go out without her. It was a nice break and I loved coming home to her smiling face. It was also nice not having to pack up a big diaper bag to walk out the door.


If you are{or know a} LDS/Mormon, you {probably} know what the General RS Meeting is. If you don't know, I'll tell you. It is a Meeting in the Conference Center in Salt Lake City, that is broadcast through out the world to all the members of the Relief Society (which is the organization in the LDS church for women), in which the 3 presidency members of the Relief Society & one of the members of the Presidency of the LDS Church speak.
You can click here to watch and read the highlights of the broadcast this year.

This year, Elder Uchtdorf spoke to us. I like his talks a lot. He's funny and straightforward. He talked about the Forget Me Not flowers and told us we are not forgotten.

Also he mentioned 5 things we are to "forget not":
To patient with yourself.
To make good sacrifices, not foolish ones.
That happiness surrounds you, look for it.
To focus on the "why" of the Gospel, not the how or what.
That the Lord loves you.

Now I'm excited for General Conference next weekend!!
"the three little girls"
- as we were called growing up.

*having misophonia, I often cringe thinking about having to be in a quiet place with a lot of people, especially women, because they tend to chew gum more loudly than men. If it's very quiet, except that little chewing or popping sound in the distance, I cannot focus on anything but that noise. It's especially bad when I have to SEE them chewing. I always want to sit on the side, so I can face away if needed or at the front or back of rooms. I need little escapes. Also, if I'm surrounded by people, the chance of one of them having gum is much higher. Luckily my family is starting to understand my problem and are very willing to not chew gum around me, which is very much appreciated!


Mom said...

Well I am so so glad you made it happen and joined us! It was great fun and especially since the four of us rarely have any time together anymore,as you mentioned. Let's make it an annual event for sure...

chase said...

i love you.