13 September 2011

my latest news-find.

Did your Mom and Dad tell you that your brain would rot if you watched too much TV? Well, perhaps they weren't too far off. 

I've read about a lot of studies lately that say babies under 2 shouldn't watch ANY television, if they do, they are more likely to be a bully later in life.
And for the kiddos over 2, sure, as long as it's not spongebob. Seriously. http://thechart.blogs.cnn.com/2011/09/12/study-some-cartoons-are-bad-for-childrens-brains/?iref=allsearch
Make sure they watch only 2 or less hours a day of quality programming. 

Well duh! Don't we all know this? 
The average kid watches 6 hours a day{or uses other media for entertainment}?! Um, when do they find 6 hours a day? Do kids not go to school anymore, or do they wake up, turn the TV on, go to school, watch TV at lunch and turn the TV back on after school until bedtime? Hm, what are the parents doing all this time? I really don't get it. They must not ever turn the TV off. 

On an unrelated note, Annabelle loves her some Baby Einstein! She watched the farm one in french (oops), and then watched the Head to Toe one for the first time today. She didn't like it as much. She's getting so smart!! :) {don't worry, i never let her watch it on TV, just on my laptop.}
oh no, it looks like she's already turning into a bully! no more baby einstein for you annabelle.


Chrissy said...

"don't worry, i never let her watch it on TV, just on my laptop." Laughed out loud at that one. Going back to school AND having a pool have been great ways to curb tv watching at our house :)

Tiffany Brown Olsen said...

ha! She's such a little bully. You've gotta watch that one.

Brittany Anne Nielsen said...

Ha ha, and I'm jealous Chrissy.