27 September 2011

my job.

Hi readers. I got a job a few weeks ago. It's silly to even call it a job, but I go and I get a pay check every two weeks.
Mom and Babe - at work.

I've been working out at Studio Cove a lot lately, as I've mentioned before {here, here and here}. I love it.
They have a little Kids Care room that is open from 8:30-11:30am. This is where Annabelle hangs out while I work out. She absolutely loves it because there are much more exciting toys there and there are usually 1-6 kids there, so she's gotten to know all the other kiddos that go there.
Annabelle, the drums are one of her favorite toys.

So back to my job... I got a job at Studio Cove's Kid's Care and I love it. I only work two days a week- so I can work out four days a week. {Chase is home with Annabelle on Saturdays} It has worked out really quite well. I basically get paid to hang out with my baby and her friends. It also forces me to play play with Annabelle, not that I wouldn't otherwise, but it's nice because nothing can get in our way- like blogging, dishes, laundry, errands, etc, etc... Oh and did I mention I get paid? :) It still makes me happy that I found something so fun to do with my time that I get money for. Hah.

playing, before the other kids got there.
Do any of you mom's have jobs? It's always interesting to hear what other people do with their time and with their babies/children.

Speaking of my baby... Annabelle can stand up on her own, only for a few seconds at a time, but I'm proud of her that she's taken that mini step towards being an independent girlie. She likes to walk and walk and walk, holding on, of course. One time she tried to take a step not holding on, but she promptly fell. I'm having a lot of fun being her mom.
Chase loves being her dad too. Annabelle can not get enough of her daddy! When he's around, she only wants to be with him. She doesn't even want her momma when Daddy's home! She also calls him Dad, Dadda, Daddy, and she calls me... oh ya, nothing. She doesn't know Momma, Mum, Mom, Mommy or anything similar yet.

Also she loves spending time with her cousins, Eleanor & Oliver. She wishes she could run around like them, but they're nice to play with her in her crib sometimes, ha. {I'm not sure why Annabelle isn't in any clothes.}


{Linds} said...

That is SO perfect! I Would LOVE a Job like that!! I have always wanted to be a stay at home mom and with things being hard these days with my husband laid off- off and an on- the past 2 years I have invested in selling scentsy.. which wasn't much $$ at first but now has allowed me to pay my bills and even my house pmt if need- 2 years later. Woohoo! ;)
But I would seriously LOVE to do what your doing!! Your Lucky! :)
I also Know what you mean by playing with your baby! Yes we do at home... but we do get distracted with housework, Blogging , etc ;)
Love your blog!! You have one cute cute lil girl!!

Brittany Anne Nielsen said...

Thanks Linds,
I'm sorry about you husband's job situation, but I'm glad scentsy has been going well for you.