06 September 2011

my goodness, i am so boring!!

i just found my cousin's blog tonight and read the entire thing! i fell in love with her blog {i already was in love with her} and it made me miss myself. sound strange? it was. she's in college at byu and has so much fun all the time. i used to have so much fun all the time. life used to be one big party. i procrastinated. i stayed up all night. i had dance parties. i loved being by myself. i took billions of pictures {i still do this one, but now my pictures are all of my adorable baby it seems}. i did exciting things. i had fun clothes. i kept up with the new artists. i loved music. more than any of these other things, i was myself and i felt authentic, like i see katelyn is. i don't feel like that right now though.

i guess it's a stage of life that everyone goes through, having all that fun 24-7. and i guess that's part of growing up. i just didn't realize i already had. i need to embrace my new life more fully.

in one of her posts she said something like, when people ask her how old she is she wants to still say 17, even though she's older. i feel that same way. i am turning 25 next month, but when people ask me how old i am, i have to stop and think. i instinctually want to say 21.

i am certainly not 21 anymore. i am married now. i am a mom. we have a family. we have a house. we have a business. we even have pet chickens and fresh eggs every morning. we have a great life... but tonight i feel like i am so boring. i have become so boring.

i pledge to not be so dang boring all the time!

{...and here are some pictures of me and my cousin katie, playing at the park yesterday- yes, the very cousin who's blog i just found and also the very cousin who i just found out spells her name katey. not katie, which i thought all these years. one more thing about this cousin. i remember the night she was born. i sat on her moms lap that night, big belly and all. she's about 6 years younger than me and we lived in the same little neighborhood until she was about 6 ish or so. and i think of her like a sister, she's just that great.}


Chrissy said...

Aw, you are definitely not boring Brittany! Every stage of life has its pluses and minuses. Just remember to focus on the positives. Love you and miss you and Annie.

Emily M. said...

i can totally relate to this. i was thinking the other day, "doesn't everyone just want to relive past days of their life?!" i know i do soooooo badly! then, i thought about the joy of having children and that we can relive our past days through them in a way. we get to watch them go through what we went through and enjoy it one more time. but, i definitely wish i could just go back to the college days of doing whatever the heck i want, whenever i want! :)

bethany jane. said...

I thought it said, "I am a man" instead of I am a mom. Haha.

Mom said...

I like the photo in the middle!