15 September 2011

our dinner tonight.

Yum yum yum.
Tonight I had no plans for dinner {as if I ever plan my dinner in advance} and it was near 7pm already. I improvised a simple but yummy meal.
I went down to my storage room and found some organic whole wheat spaghetti and alfredo sauce. I cut up some fresh zucchini and tomatoes, picked from our garden and cooked them in the bottom of the sauce pan. When they were done I added the alfredo sauce.

I know this dinner boring but it was SO delicious. I also realize there was no protein in the meal, but we had to do with what we had. I absolutely love eating fresh vegetables from our garden. It makes me feel so green and healthy.

Not only did Chase and I enjoy the meal, but Annabelle couldn't get enough! Tomatoes & zucchinis are some of her favorite foods, probably cause those are what were most bountiful in our garden this year, but she'd never tasted spaghetti before.

She had so much fun eating it and playing with the strands. She devoured the meal... I'm pretty sure she ate more dinner than I did. 

That cute girl, she looooves eating dinner with us.

not from tonight, but this is her checking out her broccoli


Emily M. said...

haha did she eat the broccoli? Leah refuses to eat pureed veggies anymore, but she will eat them cubed... and, only off a "big fork/spoon". babies are so funny! also, love ab's jammies, Leah has the same ones, but they are borderline too small! :) we should get these girlies together again soon!


MOM said...

we love your garden. Thanks for the zucchini and tomatoes. yum.

Brittany Anne Nielsen said...

She loved broccoli and she sure did eat it.