27 September 2011

my job.

Hi readers. I got a job a few weeks ago. It's silly to even call it a job, but I go and I get a pay check every two weeks.
Mom and Babe - at work.

I've been working out at Studio Cove a lot lately, as I've mentioned before {here, here and here}. I love it.
They have a little Kids Care room that is open from 8:30-11:30am. This is where Annabelle hangs out while I work out. She absolutely loves it because there are much more exciting toys there and there are usually 1-6 kids there, so she's gotten to know all the other kiddos that go there.
Annabelle, the drums are one of her favorite toys.

So back to my job... I got a job at Studio Cove's Kid's Care and I love it. I only work two days a week- so I can work out four days a week. {Chase is home with Annabelle on Saturdays} It has worked out really quite well. I basically get paid to hang out with my baby and her friends. It also forces me to play play with Annabelle, not that I wouldn't otherwise, but it's nice because nothing can get in our way- like blogging, dishes, laundry, errands, etc, etc... Oh and did I mention I get paid? :) It still makes me happy that I found something so fun to do with my time that I get money for. Hah.

playing, before the other kids got there.
Do any of you mom's have jobs? It's always interesting to hear what other people do with their time and with their babies/children.

Speaking of my baby... Annabelle can stand up on her own, only for a few seconds at a time, but I'm proud of her that she's taken that mini step towards being an independent girlie. She likes to walk and walk and walk, holding on, of course. One time she tried to take a step not holding on, but she promptly fell. I'm having a lot of fun being her mom.
Chase loves being her dad too. Annabelle can not get enough of her daddy! When he's around, she only wants to be with him. She doesn't even want her momma when Daddy's home! She also calls him Dad, Dadda, Daddy, and she calls me... oh ya, nothing. She doesn't know Momma, Mum, Mom, Mommy or anything similar yet.

Also she loves spending time with her cousins, Eleanor & Oliver. She wishes she could run around like them, but they're nice to play with her in her crib sometimes, ha. {I'm not sure why Annabelle isn't in any clothes.}

25 September 2011

My night at the General Relief Society Meeting.

{It's Sunday you say, what about the sabbath unplugged you blogged about last week? It's not for me. Right now it's Saturday night and I am going to schedule my post for the morning. Why you ask? Because I posted something this morning and it bugs me to have two posts from the same day. OCD? perhaps.}

Last year I went with my mom to the Conference Center, 8 months pregnant. It is always nice to be able to go to the actual building it is in. I think the few years before that I watched the meeting either on the TV or on a computer.

This year I went to my mom's stake center for a dinner at 5 and then watched the broadcast in the chapel. I was with two of my sisters and our mom.  It was nice to watch it with a large group of women. *even though situations like that often give me anxiety

It was a lot of fun to get together with my mom and sisters. It was the 4 of us that moved to Utah together over 10 years ago. We used to always do things, just the 4 of us because we lived together and were all single. Now that we are all mature married women {haha}, we usually have our husbands and family in tow. I'm glad my mom invited us to go with her this year.

Mom, Brittany, Brooklyn, Bethany
Aaaaaand, it was really nice to not have Annabelle with me. I rarely (especaily lately, which Chase being in full time school and working full time) go out without her. It was a nice break and I loved coming home to her smiling face. It was also nice not having to pack up a big diaper bag to walk out the door.


If you are{or know a} LDS/Mormon, you {probably} know what the General RS Meeting is. If you don't know, I'll tell you. It is a Meeting in the Conference Center in Salt Lake City, that is broadcast through out the world to all the members of the Relief Society (which is the organization in the LDS church for women), in which the 3 presidency members of the Relief Society & one of the members of the Presidency of the LDS Church speak.
You can click here to watch and read the highlights of the broadcast this year.

This year, Elder Uchtdorf spoke to us. I like his talks a lot. He's funny and straightforward. He talked about the Forget Me Not flowers and told us we are not forgotten.

Also he mentioned 5 things we are to "forget not":
To patient with yourself.
To make good sacrifices, not foolish ones.
That happiness surrounds you, look for it.
To focus on the "why" of the Gospel, not the how or what.
That the Lord loves you.

Now I'm excited for General Conference next weekend!!
"the three little girls"
- as we were called growing up.

*having misophonia, I often cringe thinking about having to be in a quiet place with a lot of people, especially women, because they tend to chew gum more loudly than men. If it's very quiet, except that little chewing or popping sound in the distance, I cannot focus on anything but that noise. It's especially bad when I have to SEE them chewing. I always want to sit on the side, so I can face away if needed or at the front or back of rooms. I need little escapes. Also, if I'm surrounded by people, the chance of one of them having gum is much higher. Luckily my family is starting to understand my problem and are very willing to not chew gum around me, which is very much appreciated!

24 September 2011

my hoarding, part 2

I am a hoarder. It's true. It's sad. It's hard. It's emotional. It's real.
Although I'm not as hoardish as the people on the A&E show, I'm getting there.

This week I decided it was time I did something about it. I asked my sister to help me, she's come over twice and we cleaned out a whole room {this is big for me!} It was packed wall to wall and floor to ceiling -- seriously. I can't believe how great it feels to have a little bit of free space. The room is pretty small. It's not even perfect yet, because some of the things in there need to go in other rooms, that are also jam packed, so in order to move them, I need to get the other rooms cleaned out. Sigh.
This is the room we cleaned out. It makes me happy.
I am going to turn this small little room into an Esthetics room. Did you know I am an Esthetician? I am. I want to start working a little bit from my home I've decided. Obviously I need a lot of work to make this room pretty and useable but it used to look like the other spare bedroom downstairs. Eeeek.

this is the room that i still need to clean out. it scares me.
Now that I've cleaned a lot of stuff out, I need to do a run to the DI. {Unless anyone wants some speakers that work and are large, or lots of clothes from size 4 - 14, or some purses.} All that is in the DI pile outside. I know the pile will get bigger and bigger as I clean out and de-junk more and more.  Perhaps my hoards could be your treasures. Ha.

DI pile outside our house.

Wish me luck as I try to take control of my house.

21 September 2011

my workout ramblings.

Are you watching Biggest Loser this season?
I am. 

I haven't watched since Season 5, when Ali Vincent won. {i had to look that up, i didn't remember} 
As you know, if you've read my blog, I've been working out hardcore every morning. It was 3 hours a day and now it's 2 hours a day. I love it.

I hate it. {and I love it!!!} It's hard. It's really hard to get up every morning. It's hard to get to the gym. It's hard to start the workout. It's hard to keep pushing myself. It's hard work. It is really hard work!!

And it is SO worth it. Seriously, I've been loving it. I want everyone to do it with me!! 
{for real- i want everyone to do it with me, call/text/email/comment if you want to come with me, anytime! it's much more fun to workout with someone you know. plus they give 2 days free to anyone who wants it, so you don't lose anything if you don't like it, ha, but you'll love it.}

an after workout stretch with attain fitness. 
I work out with Attain Fitness, up at Studio Cove. I'm doing a Fitness Camp with them. When I started, I thought the workouts were so weird. They had all these strange ways of exercising they were making us do. I had never done ANY of them. {I'd never really worked out before. I've done some cardio here and there and I've done Yoga classes and Step Classes, recently I'd done some Body Pump classes that Studio Cove offers.}

But back to the workouts... I thought they were weird, but as I was watching the Biggest Loser contestants, they were doing all the same things as my trainers were having ME do. I couldn't believe it really. Back when I used to watch, I thought I could never do anything they were doing... but I can and I do. Ok, perhaps I exert {a tiny bit} less than these contestants, because I'm obviously not losing 20+ pounds a week! Ha. 
But I have lost 8 inches in my abdomen already! I'm pretty proud of that. I just wish I didn't carry my weight in my arms, I've only lost one inch on them. Regardless of my inches and weight, which both are decreasing, each time I work out, I can do SOOO much more than I was able to when I started. 

I am very proud of myself! 
{can you tell?}

yes, i know i look like a man in the picture up there-- but we sweat so much working out, that any make up you have on, runs down your face. seriously, just this morning my sweat was dripping into my eyes. my hair felt like i was in a swimming pool and i even had little balls of sweat all over my arms. 
is that typical you ask? yes.

I was watching the show online and writing this post during the boring parts, it just ended and I am more motivated than ever to work my hardest each time I work out and to reel in my {not perfect} eating habits.
Who's with me!? 
Anyone else want to be THE BIGGEST LOSER?!!

on a hike with my family, it was short and hard.
but i know i wouldn't have even wanted to go on a hike two months ago.

20 September 2011

Our 20th of September trip to Dee's.

As you can see, my family went to Dee's tonight. We don't particularly like Dee's, but it's a tradition. Each year on September 20th, Chase and I go to Dee's. This was our 5th year there!

We always order hot chocolate with whipped cream, as we did the first time we went together. We always order something to share. We always wish we didn't eat anything. We always leave with tummy aches. Seriously. It's not overeating, cause tonight we just shared some french toast but perhaps they poison their food?
It was really fun to bring Annabelle along, because besides last year, when she was living in my tummy, this was her first time. We taught her about people who are different than us, and that not everywhere we go will always be clean. She also tasted some whipped cream, hot chocolate and maple syrup for the first time... she was on a mini sugar-high. 

All in all, it was a successful family date night.

 Until next year Dee's...

19 September 2011

my sabbath unplugged review.

Yesterday was SO nice. I woke up and checked my phone, oops. It's just such a habit I didn't even think about it. Anyway, I showered and played with Annabelle a little before Chase took over. I then wrote in my journal and in the journal I keep for Annabelle. I hadn't written in almost a month, so it was good to get caught up again. I planned out my upcoming week and I decided that each Sunday I will only listen to church music. I love Lex de Azevedo's songs. I opened my laptop and clicked Safari, my gmail popped up! I did it again, it's just habit to open Safari when I open my laptop. I closed it and opened iTunes.
I usually would read blogs and check facebook, perhaps write a blog and upload photos, check the news and this and that. It felt good to have such a free open morning. Oh and I read scriptures and I reread those talks I posted, so I did sneak onto the internet to read them. But I'm making the rules, so I can change them. Like NO internet unless I'm reading LDS talks. :)

My church starts at 1pm and I'm NEVER on time. I always intend to be, but never quite make it. Chase and I hardly ever get to church together- one of us either needs to be there on time or we're staying with Annabelle getting her ready or something. Yesterday I was on time. In fact we all walked to church together. It was nice, we haven't done that for a while. I didn't bring my phone to church, like I committed to. That was nice too- I'm always tempted to text or look at pictures or sneak in checking my emails, but none of that this Sunday. We had Sunday afternoon naps after church and then ate dinner. I cleaned the kitchen and did the dishes and read to Annabelle and we played with her toys together before bed. I always put her to bed with some lullabies and a prayer. I think I'll start reading her scriptures soon too.

I was very present all day. I liked it.

...and here is annabelle, nakie in the bathtub.
she pulled the plug and i just let the water drain so she'd learn.

17 September 2011

my sabbath, unplugged.

this is my family. we love each other. a lot.

Tonight I was reading the Parenting magazine that comes to my house every month {that i didn't sign up for... did anyone else start getting that magazine randomly when they had a baby? i think the hospital gives them your address or something.}  There was an article about a family that goes "unplugged" every weekend. If it has to be plugged in to work, they don't use it. To be honest the article was kinda stupid and confusing. I hate when you can't tell the gender of the writer... doesn't help when his/her name is Shawn.

That all aside, what I took from the reading was my own idea. Each Sunday I am going to go unplugged.
Here are my new Sabbath Unplugged gaols:
1. No internet, as in blogs, emails, facebook, etc {this will be the hardest for me!}
2. No bringing my phone to church {yes, sadly i'm one of THOSE people}
3. No apps on my iphone
4. No TV/ DVD watching {this won't be hard, except perhaps for Annabelle.}
5. No mindlessly using my phone to look things up

*I am going to allow the usage of my phone to call, text or take pictures though... which I think is reasonable.

I hope to have more time to play with and read to Annabelle {and teach her about Jesus}, write in my journal, write {handwritten} letters to my grandparents, read my scriptures and/ or conference talks, bake or cook and just hang out with Chase, enjoying each others company.

Annabelle eating raspberries & my favorite portrait of Christ, which is in her room.

Wise counsel from Conference and the Ensign, which in regards to my new goals, fit perfectly:
"...a day to be marked by sincere sacrifice of the pursuits and pleasures of the world." -H. Aldridge Gillespie 

"The Lord counseled us that we as a people may keep ourselves “unspotted from the world” by properly observing the Sabbath." -Elder Earl C. Tingey

I especially loved the remark, "unspotted from the world" - that takes a whole new meaning to me when thinking about facebook/ blogging on Sunday.

Sooooo, who's with me? Do any of you already do this? Want to do this? Part of this? I want this to last.... Forever!! 

15 September 2011

our dinner tonight.

Yum yum yum.
Tonight I had no plans for dinner {as if I ever plan my dinner in advance} and it was near 7pm already. I improvised a simple but yummy meal.
I went down to my storage room and found some organic whole wheat spaghetti and alfredo sauce. I cut up some fresh zucchini and tomatoes, picked from our garden and cooked them in the bottom of the sauce pan. When they were done I added the alfredo sauce.

I know this dinner boring but it was SO delicious. I also realize there was no protein in the meal, but we had to do with what we had. I absolutely love eating fresh vegetables from our garden. It makes me feel so green and healthy.

Not only did Chase and I enjoy the meal, but Annabelle couldn't get enough! Tomatoes & zucchinis are some of her favorite foods, probably cause those are what were most bountiful in our garden this year, but she'd never tasted spaghetti before.

She had so much fun eating it and playing with the strands. She devoured the meal... I'm pretty sure she ate more dinner than I did. 

That cute girl, she looooves eating dinner with us.

not from tonight, but this is her checking out her broccoli

14 September 2011

my sailings. part 2.

Remember my post about ships
Well, I found another ship painting that I perhaps even like better than the first. 
Ain't it purdy? 
{I'm thinking chase would like this one better because it's less feminine than the other.}

I just did a google search for ship paintings and found this butterfly boat. It's sorta magical in a silly way, I think I kinda like it though. Do you?

The colors are fun and I have a special place in my heart for butterflies because my good friend Jim collected them. He passed away almost 2 years ago and I still miss him a lot. I think I should write a post about him one of these days.

13 September 2011

my latest news-find.

Did your Mom and Dad tell you that your brain would rot if you watched too much TV? Well, perhaps they weren't too far off. 

I've read about a lot of studies lately that say babies under 2 shouldn't watch ANY television, if they do, they are more likely to be a bully later in life.
And for the kiddos over 2, sure, as long as it's not spongebob. Seriously. http://thechart.blogs.cnn.com/2011/09/12/study-some-cartoons-are-bad-for-childrens-brains/?iref=allsearch
Make sure they watch only 2 or less hours a day of quality programming. 

Well duh! Don't we all know this? 
The average kid watches 6 hours a day{or uses other media for entertainment}?! Um, when do they find 6 hours a day? Do kids not go to school anymore, or do they wake up, turn the TV on, go to school, watch TV at lunch and turn the TV back on after school until bedtime? Hm, what are the parents doing all this time? I really don't get it. They must not ever turn the TV off. 

On an unrelated note, Annabelle loves her some Baby Einstein! She watched the farm one in french (oops), and then watched the Head to Toe one for the first time today. She didn't like it as much. She's getting so smart!! :) {don't worry, i never let her watch it on TV, just on my laptop.}
oh no, it looks like she's already turning into a bully! no more baby einstein for you annabelle.

12 September 2011

my secret: i have misophonia and it sucks.

What is Misophonia

"Misophonia – literally the hatred of sound -can be defined as a hypersensitivity to background sounds or visual stimuli that are generally ignored by other people. More importantly than the individuals inability to block out the offending stimuli or “trigger” is the acute negative emotional response experienced as a direct result of being in contact with a trigger.
The response has been described as a reflexive emotional flood of rage and panic with a storm of fight-or-flight reactions becoming paramount. Adrenaline flooding, face flushing, heart-pounding and/or shaking and the need to physically flee or attack are often experienced. The mindful thoughts that the emotional reflex/response is unreasonable given the facts of the stimulus is often actually harmless come only after the fight-or-flight response is in full force and the affected person may find themselves in a constant mode of “talking themselves down” into a normal state of calm.
The majority of trigger stimuli are counted as harmless or just part of every day to day life by the “normal” person, but to a person inflicted with Misophonia, they are a tremendous burden, often the analogy of nails down a chalk board or exposed nerves have been used to describe the disturbing response." -source

Can you cure Misophonia? 


I've had this as long as I can remember. It's caused countless fights between me and my family and friends, as I didn't know I had anything wrong with me. I just thought they were always being very inconsiderate with the noises they made and felt like I had no control of my reaction to the triggers.
When I married Chase, he pointed out that I had "something" wrong with me. I've looked and searched for answers, coming up with nothing. I had been told by doctors it was Bipolar symptoms or OCD, but it still didn't add up!

I worked hard to not lose control when I was bothered. I started wearing earplugs every night, turning on fans or music to drown out noises, asking people to stop chewing gum or eating certain things around me. But often I would just have to leave gatherings early (and usually in a huff) because I couldn't stand it and felt like I couldn't control my urge to punch someones lights out. Seriously.

My sister texted me a link to a New York Times article last week, titled "When a Chomp or Slurp is a Trigger for Outrage." That sure sounded like me. I was instantly interested and read the entire article and was dumbfounded. All my searching and she just happens on an article that describes me to a T?! There were other people out there like me? There is a name for it? Wow.

Please read this article if you are close to me. 
It will greatly help you understand what I go through and why I react the way I do!

Questions? Comments? Reactions?  I am curious to know what you think of all this. 
(I know people in the past simply don't believe me when I tell them what I go through, perhaps with a name and diagnosis, people will be more understanding?)

09 September 2011

my little annabelle wants this dress.

Really truly my baby wants needs this dress

Her birthday is coming up {and so is Christmas.} Right now at Gateway they are offering it for 20% off! Size 12-18 months... if they're out then18-24 months, if they're out of that too, any size will do. It's so beautiful, I know I will want her to wear it at any age! 
 I wish there was a wedding coming up so I could justify buying her another beautiful dress. {Anyone close to me planning to be wed soon and wanting Annabelle to be in their wedding party or even just come to their wedding? :)}

So lovely.

08 September 2011

my sailings.

I found this pretty picture today on Etsy.
You are welcome to get it for me! 
{pretty please}
My husband has a vintage model sail boat from his grandpa and this picture would be a perfect companion.
Right now the sailboat is sitting on our fish tank {which is the home to only one small fish} in the basement bedroom. It's sort of dreary down there so I would rather display it somewhere a little more pretty, with something a little more pretty.

{and we will play this song on repeat, always}

sail away sail away sail away...

06 September 2011

my goodness, i am so boring!!

i just found my cousin's blog tonight and read the entire thing! i fell in love with her blog {i already was in love with her} and it made me miss myself. sound strange? it was. she's in college at byu and has so much fun all the time. i used to have so much fun all the time. life used to be one big party. i procrastinated. i stayed up all night. i had dance parties. i loved being by myself. i took billions of pictures {i still do this one, but now my pictures are all of my adorable baby it seems}. i did exciting things. i had fun clothes. i kept up with the new artists. i loved music. more than any of these other things, i was myself and i felt authentic, like i see katelyn is. i don't feel like that right now though.

i guess it's a stage of life that everyone goes through, having all that fun 24-7. and i guess that's part of growing up. i just didn't realize i already had. i need to embrace my new life more fully.

in one of her posts she said something like, when people ask her how old she is she wants to still say 17, even though she's older. i feel that same way. i am turning 25 next month, but when people ask me how old i am, i have to stop and think. i instinctually want to say 21.

i am certainly not 21 anymore. i am married now. i am a mom. we have a family. we have a house. we have a business. we even have pet chickens and fresh eggs every morning. we have a great life... but tonight i feel like i am so boring. i have become so boring.

i pledge to not be so dang boring all the time!

{...and here are some pictures of me and my cousin katie, playing at the park yesterday- yes, the very cousin who's blog i just found and also the very cousin who i just found out spells her name katey. not katie, which i thought all these years. one more thing about this cousin. i remember the night she was born. i sat on her moms lap that night, big belly and all. she's about 6 years younger than me and we lived in the same little neighborhood until she was about 6 ish or so. and i think of her like a sister, she's just that great.}

04 September 2011

my nyc adventures.

Last month, I flew with Annabelle to New York City! She was very well behaved on the flight, only once did she throw a toy which landed on the lady's lap two down from us.

My oldest sister, Tiffany, lives in Manhattan with her husband, Jimmy. I went to visit them for a week and Chase met up with us for the weekend. We did loads of things and had so much fun. This is just a little glimpse. Thanks TBO & JJ for a great time.

we shopped. 
i bought shoes.

we ferried.
for a while.

we libraried.

we pianoed.

we gamed.
we ferried more.

we bridged.

we statued.

we empired.

we cousined.

we museumed.
we love ny.
we farewelled.
so long.

Xoxo, Brittany