30 August 2011

my third anniversary ♥.

Chase and I were married three years ago today.

and we're still in love...

1. where it all began, the lds sl temple
2. chase gave me the gold mirror tray and bracelet
3. dinner at the dodo, yum
4. surrounded by ducks at sugarhouse park
5. the two people i love most. ever.


LindsayAndrew said...

Britt! Thanks for the nice blog comments! Happy three years! I died over that mirror tray! Good job Chase! Love seeing pictures of your beautiful girl! Absolutely gorgeous!

Janelle said...

Your gifts are gorgeous! We should all do a big anniversary trip sometime - maybe year 6 or something? Would that be weird? Haha. Glad you guys had fun. The Dodo is delish!! Happy anniversary!