07 August 2011

my nine month old baby.

Annabelle is just over nine months old now!!

She doesn't crawl. {Let's just get that out of the way because it's the most common question I answer about her.} And no, she doesn't not only not crawl, she doesn't scoot or army crawl or any other variation of mobility that you are wondering about.

Annabelle is 19.9 pounds and 30 inches long. Which means she is in the 55th% for weight and off the charts for height. I forget what her head circumference was, but it was about the 50th%.
Annabelle at her 9 month check up in the Winnie room.
She got a prick in her toe at her 9 month check up. {similar to the one I got the other day} They squoze blood out of her big toe and put a bandaid on it. She was obsessed with the bandaid and kept ripping it off- she went through 3 of them. She also looooved the room we were in, it was decked out in Winnie the Pooh decor and she couldn't get enough! Especially the stuffed animal mobile above the bed.

Her least favourite* part of the visit was when the Doctor needed to check her ears. Annabelle just wanted to see what she was doing SO badly. We had to pin her down and she was screaming. :(

Daddy bought her a wooden choo choo train. He buys her a toy after each Doctor visit. He's a good daddy. She loves her train. She'll take it all apart and bang the pieces together and then throw them across the room, it's quite cute.

She loves sitting with toys all around her and banging them together.
She loves banging toys together to make loud noises.
She loves reading books and flipping through them herself.
She loves sitting in her high chair and watching me do whatever I do.
She loves playing with her new friend Molly. {who is older and wiser}
She loves splashing water around, especially into her face.
She loves feeding herself, by bottle or finger foods, like her favourite, yogurt puffs.
She loves nursing to sleep for naps and nighty time.
She loves snuggling her face into her {actually, my} goldie blankie.
She loves talking gibberish and nonsense.
She loves spending time outdoors, in the back yard or at a park.
She loves rolling around. {and in fact rolled off our bed last week- oops}
She loves standing, with a little help of course.
And, she doesn't love being on her tummy. {sigh}
i still feel proud of her when she feeds herself.
even though that's old news.

Xoxo, Brittany

*you may notice i spell favourite with a u after the o. this is not an error; i grew up in canada and i do not want to let go of some things.

and lastly, she always puts the blankie over her eyes to sleep.


LindsayAndrew said...

That picture of Snuggled up in the blanket is adorable... And so is that blanket! You guys made a beautiful little girl! And good luck with your workout bootcamp! Sounds amazing! I'm jealous!

Janelle said...

annabelle's getting so big! miss you guys!!

Laurel & Bruce said...

Love this post!