26 August 2011

my baby is ten months old.

Little Miss Annabelle Bea is ten months old.

photo by brooklyn
picnic at sugarhouse park

In month number ten, Annabelle actually has done quite a bit, which I'll try to summarize below:

She had her first airplane ride, which was to visit her Aunt Tiffany in New York City.
She did all sorts of first in NYC.
She will walk if you just hold her hands.
She can "crawl" backwards. {more like wiggle back}
She gets up on her hands and knees finally.
She open mouth kisses things.
She talks and talks and talks.
She will repeat the noises I say to her.
She figured out how to rewind and fast forward on my iphone.
She can drink from a cup now, but not a sippy cup yet, they're too tricky for her.
She had her first bubble bath and tried to eat the bubbles.
She can sit up from laying on her tummy.
She can just barely pull herself up while in the crib.
She can go to sleep without nursing or a soother. {yay!}
She plays really well with other babies and kids.
She wishes so badly she could run around with them.
She gets very vocal when she doesn't get her way.
She squirms around a lot when she's falling asleep.

Still no real crawling, no hair, no teeth, no meaning behind the words she says {at least that i can recognize}, and we love her so much, obviously! I seriously cannot believe that she will be a year in just two months. She's amazing.

Xoxo, Brittany


Abbie said...

Congratulations! You're baby has been awarded the "WORLDS CUTEST BABY" award from the McBrides. She is so beautiful!

Laurel & Bruce said...

Oh melt my heart! She is so growing up! She is precious...