13 July 2011


When I was a little girl (you know, way back when young children didn't have to be strapped into little baby-seats while driving), I wet myself on my Aunt's lap.

Our family was driving the 14 hours from Calgary to Salt Lake and she was kind enough to let me sit on her lap in the front seat. I had said I needed to "go" but was told to hold it. I guess I couldn't. We had to stop to get into the trunk to get the suitcases so we could change. I don't remember much but I do remember not really knowing why she would be upset with me. I'd given plenty of warning!

That was just a little random memory from the past... Now on to present times...

{no, it's not my milk leaking}

The other day Annabelle was nakie and standing on my tummy. She was being so cute and playful.
Unlike me, she gave no warning.

{i added this picture to show my pretty lilac nails on my giant hand}

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Noelle said...

Ha ha ha, that is too funny. My niece was once sleeping with her legs around me waiting for mom and dad to pick her up and she totally peed on me.