22 July 2011

my oh my.


In December 2004, I started a blog. It was an MSN Spaces Blog{later renamed Windows Live Spaces.} It was attached to my MSN/Hotmail account. Because of Spaces small size, I got to know a lot of the first bloggers on Spaces pretty fast. I made a lot of friends with other bloggers and my family sure thought I was a weirdo for communicating with people I didn't know in real life. Hah.
I lived in Peoa at the time & had no life. I would blog about how lame my life was and about the jerky guys I dated. Pretty soon I realized my internet/blogging presence was a little too negative and that anyone that knew my email address could read my blog. I tried to change things up.

I stopped actively blogging on Spaces in 2006. I looked at it every now and again and updated a little bit here and there all the way up until, oh about, Summer 2010. {Like as in, just a handful of posts since 2006.}.

Alright let's bring this back to last night.

I signed into my hotmail account. {my very first email address that I created in July of 1999!} I check it a couple times a year to see if, amidst the junk mail, anyone has tried to contact me. {they haven't.}
I looked around for the link to Spaces. It wasn't where it used to be. In fact, it wasn't not where it used to be either. It wasn't anywhere. After a few google searches and a few tears, I learned that Microsoft deleted ALL of Spaces! Yes, you read that right. Gone. Poof. No more. How can they just delete 30 million blogs?! 

I found out in September 2010 {just a month or so after i had last logged into my account} they announced they were getting rid of Spaces. By January 2011, you could no longer blog at Spaces, BUT you could transfer for free your entire blog to wordpress.com. Obviously you could actually only do this if you knew this was happening! {Which I didn't.}
In March 2011, they deleted it all. If you didn't migrate your blog, you're now out of luck!

{sigh} {sigh} {sigh} 

On a not entirely unrelated note,  I've been thinking of Google Wave - perhaps you never surfed the wave, but my family did for a couple of months... It was quite useful for us until Buzz came along and outperformed.

just a glimpse at how useful google wave was for our family

It turns out they are going down too, just like Spaces. So if you have ever waved, get them exported now, or else {dun dun dun}

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Emily M. said...

i just spent a good amount of time feeding your fish. and, that is all.