28 July 2011

my grandpa.

my handsome grandpa

My grandpa is dying. It's sad to know the next time I see him will most likely be at his funeral. {unless i can find a way to go up to canada this week...}
He had multiple heart attacks a couple months ago and was in the hospital for a while. He regained some strength but just took a turn for the worse. I guess his doctor said he has days, perhaps weeks but certainly not months. They were uncertain of his future a few months ago, so I made a last minute trip up to Canada to see him and for Annabelle to meet him and Grandma. He was so sweet and gentle towards Annabelle. He tickled her toes and told her he loved her. 
His final words to me were, "Thank you for coming"
Those four words made the trip very worth it to me.

I love you Grandpa.

visiting in the hospital
Grandpa and Grandma Olsen

Xoxo, Brittany

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Laurel & Bruce said...

so sweet. they are adorable.