01 August 2011

my fines.

I borrowed some books and DVDs from the library a while back.... but I forgot to return them on time. Did you know they charge you 50 cents each day for each dvd you don't return on time?
I sure didn't.

I had to pay $27.80 today in late fines. Best part? I never ever got around to watching the movies! {they were Baby Einstein DVDs for Annabelle, but I just never could find the time to put one on for her.}

Oh well, the library has to be funded somehow- I may as well help them out.

On another note, I checked out the book The End of Overeating. I also checked out some other "healthy" eating books-- getting pumped for Monday, when I start my month long, 3 hour a day Fitness Camp! I'm glad I did no sugar in July, it will be a lot easier to resist yummy foodsies now that my body is used to not being filled with sugar ever five minutes.

Xoxo, Brittany

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Emily M. said...

do you ever have visitors day at the gym so i can come with you for free? haha! i would love to! let me know!