08 July 2011

i am canadian but i still will celebrate.

happy july 4th to all my american friends. (late, obviously)

my husband is american, i am canadian, our baby is an american/canadian mix and we just had the best independence day together this year!!

we played with my family at canyon rim park.
{a picnic, playground, jackpot and duck duck goose}

we had a delicious bbq with chase's family that evening.
{no pictures, sorry.}

after all the extended family fun, chase and i went home and lit some little fireworks for annabelle. she loved them and would scream at them.
enjoy the pictures

daddy took annie on her first slide ride

yummy eats.

the newlyweds.

chase swinging with the kiddies - front

chase swinging with the kiddies - back

daddy loves playing



cute e.

chase was being a bully

taking a break

duck duck ...


reading to annie about usa
ooooh, daddy does a great show 
he did such a good job
big show, eh?
sizzle sizzle
And that was our day!!

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bethany jane. said...

cute pics! that WAS a fun day!