07 July 2011


I'm sure you've all seen this comparison photo, but I just saw it again and remembered that I thought it was so funny. I have seen it ALL over, so I don't know who first came up with it. Whoever did must have changed the step sisters dress color and darkened Cinderella's hair to match Kate's because I'm pretty sure Cinderella was a blonde princess.

{I'm posting this in honour of the Royal Couple being in my hometown of Calgary right now... I don't even mind that they didn't don the white hats- it probably would have messed up their hair.}
Xoxo, Brittany.

ps: my ever talented brother in law just happened to post this today, a photo of the princess being so kind, so i thought i must link to him.

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Noelle said...

Isn't it funny the things you believe when you see it on the internet. When I first saw that I didn't even REALIZE that the hair color was all wrong. Finally I googled it because I though, "There's no way those sisters were wearing the same color dresses as the ugly step-sisters." Sure enough, even the dress colors are different! It is a funny Photoshop job though.