21 July 2011

3 years ago.

3 years ago, I did an abc's thing about myself.
i'm going to do it again. i'm leaving the answers i wrote 3 years ago and my current answers will be {in these.}
Here it is:

McKensie did the little tagging thing... so here go my answers:

a. attached or single? Very attached {even more attached, sealed in fact}

b. best friend? Chase {and annabelle}

c. cake or pie? Quality cake, or homemade peach pie. {ditto}

d. day of choice? Sunday. I get to have dinner with my whole family- nothing beats that. {ditto, but whole family means chase and annabelle now, before it meant my mom and sibs}

e. essential items? Lip stick, chase and my camera. {oh if only life were that simple... now it's my iPhone, a fully stocked diaper bag & annabelle}

f. favorite color? Yellow. {light pink}

g. gummy bears or worms? Bears. I like to pull the legs and heads off and then switch the colors and put them back together... {i haven't had either in a loooong time.}

h. hometown? Salt Lake City. or Calgary, where I was born. {i still can't decide which city qualifies.}

i. indulgence? Wallets and purses... I have too many. {napping with annabelle or nail polishes}

j. january or july? July. It's warmer. {it's july right now and it's too hot, i long for january.}

k. kids? I'll have a lot someday. {nine month baby girl, annabelle bea nielsen- more to come soon}

l. life isn't complete without? Chase and my Family. {my family, which is chase and annabelle}

m. marriage date? .... {oh cute, i wasn't even engaged yet last time i filled this out, august 30, 2008}

n. number of brothers and sisters? 2 brothers. 3 sisters. {plus 5 sisters-in law,  6 brothers-in-law & 11 step siblings/in-law.}

o. oranges or apples? Oranges. {apples}

p. phobias or fear? I fear scary dark things. {spiders and snakes}

q. quote? "The first step to getting the things you want in life is this: Decide what you want."
--Ben Stein {i'd forgotten about that quote... one i heard recently that stuck out is "True gold doesn't fear the refiners fire."}

r. reasons to smile? Everyone looks better when they smile... even ugly people. {haha, oh brother}

s. superman or wonder woman? I have stamps with both on them. {those were fun to use in the mail- and superman.}

t. tag 5 people: No. I don't want to. {still don't want to}

u. unknown fact about me? I'm watching the Man in the Iron Mask right now. {i reek of garlic right now.}

v. vegetables? are delicious. {and there are lots growing in my garden right now.}

w. worst habit? Picking at my broken nails instead of just filing them. {it's nice to know i broke a bad habit over the last three years!}

x. xray or ultrasound? The is absolutely no point in picking one of these. {ultrasound-- when you are pregnant!}

y. your favorite food? Chocolate bars. {mmmm, yes chocolate bars}

z. zodiac sign: Scorpio {with all the kufufle going on a while ago, i'm not sure.}

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