30 July 2011

my body.

I recently started working out at Studio Cove. I have been going to the body pump classes about 1-3 times a week for the last month. I've felt great knowing I'm getting fit and healthy- especially after all the weight I gained while making Annabelle for those nine months.

Even though I've been working hard, it just didn't seem like enough... but I think I found what I've been looking for!

Attain Fitness. They are a Fitness Boot Camp at Studio Cove. They've been offering free 2 day trials, so I went. Yesterday and today. Each day was a 3 hour workout. Yikes. 3 hours?! I've never done such a long workout in my life. My LONG work outs were usually an hour on the elliptical. 

Anywayyyyyyyyy, I am going to do Attain Fitness' program for an entire month! 3 hours a day, 5 days a week for 4 weeks and I am so excited and scared. Just from the two days I did, I feel like my body was beat up-- I can't imagine what it will feel after a whole week, then two, then three...

Ok, no pictures today. Perhaps someday I'll post before pictures and my measurements and weight etc... Just maybe.

Xoxo, Brittany

28 July 2011

my grandpa.

my handsome grandpa

My grandpa is dying. It's sad to know the next time I see him will most likely be at his funeral. {unless i can find a way to go up to canada this week...}
He had multiple heart attacks a couple months ago and was in the hospital for a while. He regained some strength but just took a turn for the worse. I guess his doctor said he has days, perhaps weeks but certainly not months. They were uncertain of his future a few months ago, so I made a last minute trip up to Canada to see him and for Annabelle to meet him and Grandma. He was so sweet and gentle towards Annabelle. He tickled her toes and told her he loved her. 
His final words to me were, "Thank you for coming"
Those four words made the trip very worth it to me.

I love you Grandpa.

visiting in the hospital
Grandpa and Grandma Olsen

Xoxo, Brittany

27 July 2011

my snacks.

i don't love celery.
i don't love peanut butter. {ok, i kinda do}
and i sure don't love raisins.

But, I love Ants on a Log... don't you?

ps: chase hadn't ever had this little snack but now I make it for him all the time. he loves them, as do i.
my mom made us this snack a lot when we were kids.

Xoxo, Brittany

26 July 2011

my hoarding.

This morning I decided to watch Hoarders because I think I have a problem. After watching the show, I've decided I do in fact have a problem. I am a hoarder. It may not be quite as extreme as the people on the show, but I sure do have hoarding tendencies. eeeek.

For the rest of this week, I am going to clean out an area a day. The area may be a drawer, a room, a box or just a shelf, but I'm putting an end to this madness. One day at a time... Who's with me?!

Xoxo, Brittany

22 July 2011

my oh my.


In December 2004, I started a blog. It was an MSN Spaces Blog{later renamed Windows Live Spaces.} It was attached to my MSN/Hotmail account. Because of Spaces small size, I got to know a lot of the first bloggers on Spaces pretty fast. I made a lot of friends with other bloggers and my family sure thought I was a weirdo for communicating with people I didn't know in real life. Hah.
I lived in Peoa at the time & had no life. I would blog about how lame my life was and about the jerky guys I dated. Pretty soon I realized my internet/blogging presence was a little too negative and that anyone that knew my email address could read my blog. I tried to change things up.

I stopped actively blogging on Spaces in 2006. I looked at it every now and again and updated a little bit here and there all the way up until, oh about, Summer 2010. {Like as in, just a handful of posts since 2006.}.

Alright let's bring this back to last night.

I signed into my hotmail account. {my very first email address that I created in July of 1999!} I check it a couple times a year to see if, amidst the junk mail, anyone has tried to contact me. {they haven't.}
I looked around for the link to Spaces. It wasn't where it used to be. In fact, it wasn't not where it used to be either. It wasn't anywhere. After a few google searches and a few tears, I learned that Microsoft deleted ALL of Spaces! Yes, you read that right. Gone. Poof. No more. How can they just delete 30 million blogs?! 

I found out in September 2010 {just a month or so after i had last logged into my account} they announced they were getting rid of Spaces. By January 2011, you could no longer blog at Spaces, BUT you could transfer for free your entire blog to wordpress.com. Obviously you could actually only do this if you knew this was happening! {Which I didn't.}
In March 2011, they deleted it all. If you didn't migrate your blog, you're now out of luck!

{sigh} {sigh} {sigh} 

On a not entirely unrelated note,  I've been thinking of Google Wave - perhaps you never surfed the wave, but my family did for a couple of months... It was quite useful for us until Buzz came along and outperformed.

just a glimpse at how useful google wave was for our family

It turns out they are going down too, just like Spaces. So if you have ever waved, get them exported now, or else {dun dun dun}

21 July 2011

3 years ago.

3 years ago, I did an abc's thing about myself.
i'm going to do it again. i'm leaving the answers i wrote 3 years ago and my current answers will be {in these.}
Here it is:

McKensie did the little tagging thing... so here go my answers:

a. attached or single? Very attached {even more attached, sealed in fact}

b. best friend? Chase {and annabelle}

c. cake or pie? Quality cake, or homemade peach pie. {ditto}

d. day of choice? Sunday. I get to have dinner with my whole family- nothing beats that. {ditto, but whole family means chase and annabelle now, before it meant my mom and sibs}

e. essential items? Lip stick, chase and my camera. {oh if only life were that simple... now it's my iPhone, a fully stocked diaper bag & annabelle}

f. favorite color? Yellow. {light pink}

g. gummy bears or worms? Bears. I like to pull the legs and heads off and then switch the colors and put them back together... {i haven't had either in a loooong time.}

h. hometown? Salt Lake City. or Calgary, where I was born. {i still can't decide which city qualifies.}

i. indulgence? Wallets and purses... I have too many. {napping with annabelle or nail polishes}

j. january or july? July. It's warmer. {it's july right now and it's too hot, i long for january.}

k. kids? I'll have a lot someday. {nine month baby girl, annabelle bea nielsen- more to come soon}

l. life isn't complete without? Chase and my Family. {my family, which is chase and annabelle}

m. marriage date? .... {oh cute, i wasn't even engaged yet last time i filled this out, august 30, 2008}

n. number of brothers and sisters? 2 brothers. 3 sisters. {plus 5 sisters-in law,  6 brothers-in-law & 11 step siblings/in-law.}

o. oranges or apples? Oranges. {apples}

p. phobias or fear? I fear scary dark things. {spiders and snakes}

q. quote? "The first step to getting the things you want in life is this: Decide what you want."
--Ben Stein {i'd forgotten about that quote... one i heard recently that stuck out is "True gold doesn't fear the refiners fire."}

r. reasons to smile? Everyone looks better when they smile... even ugly people. {haha, oh brother}

s. superman or wonder woman? I have stamps with both on them. {those were fun to use in the mail- and superman.}

t. tag 5 people: No. I don't want to. {still don't want to}

u. unknown fact about me? I'm watching the Man in the Iron Mask right now. {i reek of garlic right now.}

v. vegetables? are delicious. {and there are lots growing in my garden right now.}

w. worst habit? Picking at my broken nails instead of just filing them. {it's nice to know i broke a bad habit over the last three years!}

x. xray or ultrasound? The is absolutely no point in picking one of these. {ultrasound-- when you are pregnant!}

y. your favorite food? Chocolate bars. {mmmm, yes chocolate bars}

z. zodiac sign: Scorpio {with all the kufufle going on a while ago, i'm not sure.}

14 July 2011

Eat your greens.

This afternoon I cut some lettuce & spinach from our garden to make a salad.
felt am cool.

13 July 2011


When I was a little girl (you know, way back when young children didn't have to be strapped into little baby-seats while driving), I wet myself on my Aunt's lap.

Our family was driving the 14 hours from Calgary to Salt Lake and she was kind enough to let me sit on her lap in the front seat. I had said I needed to "go" but was told to hold it. I guess I couldn't. We had to stop to get into the trunk to get the suitcases so we could change. I don't remember much but I do remember not really knowing why she would be upset with me. I'd given plenty of warning!

That was just a little random memory from the past... Now on to present times...

{no, it's not my milk leaking}

The other day Annabelle was nakie and standing on my tummy. She was being so cute and playful.
Unlike me, she gave no warning.

{i added this picture to show my pretty lilac nails on my giant hand}

08 July 2011

i am canadian but i still will celebrate.

happy july 4th to all my american friends. (late, obviously)

my husband is american, i am canadian, our baby is an american/canadian mix and we just had the best independence day together this year!!

we played with my family at canyon rim park.
{a picnic, playground, jackpot and duck duck goose}

we had a delicious bbq with chase's family that evening.
{no pictures, sorry.}

after all the extended family fun, chase and i went home and lit some little fireworks for annabelle. she loved them and would scream at them.
enjoy the pictures

daddy took annie on her first slide ride

yummy eats.

the newlyweds.

chase swinging with the kiddies - front

chase swinging with the kiddies - back

daddy loves playing



cute e.

chase was being a bully

taking a break

duck duck ...


reading to annie about usa
ooooh, daddy does a great show 
he did such a good job
big show, eh?
sizzle sizzle
And that was our day!!

07 July 2011


I'm sure you've all seen this comparison photo, but I just saw it again and remembered that I thought it was so funny. I have seen it ALL over, so I don't know who first came up with it. Whoever did must have changed the step sisters dress color and darkened Cinderella's hair to match Kate's because I'm pretty sure Cinderella was a blonde princess.

{I'm posting this in honour of the Royal Couple being in my hometown of Calgary right now... I don't even mind that they didn't don the white hats- it probably would have messed up their hair.}
Xoxo, Brittany.

ps: my ever talented brother in law just happened to post this today, a photo of the princess being so kind, so i thought i must link to him.