18 June 2011

Pretty pretty golden birdie please?

I have a lot of pretty jewelry.
Chase knows my taste well and is always spoiling me with new pieces.

I take it off everywhere though. In my room after I lay down in bed, in the bathroom right before I get in the shower, in the living room as I walk in the front door, in Annabelle's room if it's distracting her while trying to put her down, downstairs in the family room as I'm trying to get cosy watching a movie, ok, you get the idea, all over.

The problem with this is, I always am forgetting where in the house I left my jewels.

Solution = more jewelry dishes.

I saw this gorgeous jewelry dish in Anthropologie last week. If you're reading this, please buy it for me and save it for my birthday or Christmas or anniversary (ya right, chase never reads our blog). Really though, I am willing to accept this beautiful gift for any occasion. Or even on no occasion.
I will love love love you forever if you surprise me with it.
I promise.

Xoxo, Brittany

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