24 June 2011

911, what's your emergency?

Today I had a scare.

Annabelle was sitting on the sofa beside me eating her little yogurt puffs. She started coughing quite a bit. She seemed to really be struggling and I instantly felt panicked. She went a few seconds not breathing at all so I grabbed her, grabbed my phone called 911 and laid her on her tummy face down on hand and patted her back over and over! It seemed like forever before anyone answered the phone, which was propped between my shoulder and ear.
Annabelle started throwing up. I felt bad but I just kept patting her back until she stopped throwing up and then I heard it, "911, what's your emergency?"
I felt stupid cause she was breathing now. I told her my baby had been choking but I she wasn't anymore. She asked all sorts of questions, as we were talking I was looking at Annabelle's throw up and there I saw it, a piece of plastic. Perhaps as long as my little finger. I'm not sure what it came off of, but I think it was a wrapper to one of her teething biscuits.

the culprit

I kept telling the 911 lady she was fine but she insisted she send someone out to check if she was ok. And also insisted that she stay on the phone with me until the paramedics arrived. She kept telling me to make sure Annabelle was breathing and if she stopped, not to hit her back, but wait fir the paramedics. (that confused me but she explained that you shouldn't hit their back if the are upright)  I heard the sirens soon enough the paramedics were at my door. Annabelle took one look at the two big men holding all sorts of bags, and started whimpering and crying!
the big scary men

They said it was normal for a baby to be upset after something like this happened to her- I didn't have the heart to tell them she was actually just scared of them! I got her calmed down and they listened to her heart and her breathing and reassured me that she was fine. I showed them what I did and they said I did everything perfectly.

Before they left they told Annabelle that she had the prettiest blue eyes and that her mom saved her life today.

That made me feel kinda heroic.
{until I remembered it's my fault she ate plastic in the first place - so I better be the one to get it out!}
the sweet baby


Lacey said...

there is nothing scarier then your baby choking! i am so glad she is ok!

Janelle said...

yikes!! how scary. you were totally heroic - you knew what to do!!

annabelle is just the cutest :) glad she's okay!

Laurel & Bruce said...

You are a hero!

Noelle said...

OH MY!!! How scary. I'm glad you knew what to do and that Annabelle was safe. I had to call 911 before for a neighbor that was having a seizure (I was probably about 10 yrs old) and I was so scared!