28 June 2011


i stumbled upon this beautiful print
it would be so beautiful in annabelle's pink nursery.
i'll take one, thank you!

24 June 2011

911, what's your emergency?

Today I had a scare.

Annabelle was sitting on the sofa beside me eating her little yogurt puffs. She started coughing quite a bit. She seemed to really be struggling and I instantly felt panicked. She went a few seconds not breathing at all so I grabbed her, grabbed my phone called 911 and laid her on her tummy face down on hand and patted her back over and over! It seemed like forever before anyone answered the phone, which was propped between my shoulder and ear.
Annabelle started throwing up. I felt bad but I just kept patting her back until she stopped throwing up and then I heard it, "911, what's your emergency?"
I felt stupid cause she was breathing now. I told her my baby had been choking but I she wasn't anymore. She asked all sorts of questions, as we were talking I was looking at Annabelle's throw up and there I saw it, a piece of plastic. Perhaps as long as my little finger. I'm not sure what it came off of, but I think it was a wrapper to one of her teething biscuits.

the culprit

I kept telling the 911 lady she was fine but she insisted she send someone out to check if she was ok. And also insisted that she stay on the phone with me until the paramedics arrived. She kept telling me to make sure Annabelle was breathing and if she stopped, not to hit her back, but wait fir the paramedics. (that confused me but she explained that you shouldn't hit their back if the are upright)  I heard the sirens soon enough the paramedics were at my door. Annabelle took one look at the two big men holding all sorts of bags, and started whimpering and crying!
the big scary men

They said it was normal for a baby to be upset after something like this happened to her- I didn't have the heart to tell them she was actually just scared of them! I got her calmed down and they listened to her heart and her breathing and reassured me that she was fine. I showed them what I did and they said I did everything perfectly.

Before they left they told Annabelle that she had the prettiest blue eyes and that her mom saved her life today.

That made me feel kinda heroic.
{until I remembered it's my fault she ate plastic in the first place - so I better be the one to get it out!}
the sweet baby

21 June 2011

On the first day of summer...

We went swimming! Annabelle just loves the water and it was such a lovely day that she stayed in for quite a bit longer than I expected.

She didn't mind Oliver constantly splashing her in the face (accidentally, of course) and she didn't mind Eleanor trying to teach her how to blow bubbles under water. She actually loved it all. She liked swimming on her tummy and her back and loved just observing everyone else play around her.

I hope we have many more days like this one. 
Xo, Brittany.

trying on E's hat
loving laying down
floppy hat and little scrunchie face
my little wet puppy
on her tummy

18 June 2011

Pretty pretty golden birdie please?

I have a lot of pretty jewelry.
Chase knows my taste well and is always spoiling me with new pieces.

I take it off everywhere though. In my room after I lay down in bed, in the bathroom right before I get in the shower, in the living room as I walk in the front door, in Annabelle's room if it's distracting her while trying to put her down, downstairs in the family room as I'm trying to get cosy watching a movie, ok, you get the idea, all over.

The problem with this is, I always am forgetting where in the house I left my jewels.

Solution = more jewelry dishes.

I saw this gorgeous jewelry dish in Anthropologie last week. If you're reading this, please buy it for me and save it for my birthday or Christmas or anniversary (ya right, chase never reads our blog). Really though, I am willing to accept this beautiful gift for any occasion. Or even on no occasion.
I will love love love you forever if you surprise me with it.
I promise.

Xoxo, Brittany

13 June 2011


My sister, Bethany, got married on Friday. Congratulations to her and Kimball. Annabelle was delightful all day.

I didn't bring my camera to the wedding, just my iPhone. I hope my family shares their good pictures with me!

08 June 2011


my mom went to europe last month with her husband, bruce.
i would love to be able to go one day.
i hope that day is this year.

really, who wouldn't want to go to paris? especially for free! 

if i made it there for free,
i would spend all my money on fancy clothes for wee ones.

04 June 2011

Look Ma! Two hands!

This picture may not look special because Annabelle has been able to hold her bottle on her own for quite some time... but today was the first time she picked the bottle off the counter with both hands without my help and got the nipple in her mouth and drank a whole bottle unassisted. I obviously was holding her though. Oh my dear sweet Annabelle is growing up too fast.