23 May 2011

Today I went to church, after spending the morning preparing a lesson, only to realize it was stake conference today and I had missed it.
My lesson was titled "I Am Thankful for My Eyes"- how darling is that? {Read John 9:1-7} I really am thankful for MY eyes. All the beautiful things to see, the wonderful things to do, there are far too many things we need eyes for. I am glad my eyes work.

I read Freakonomics yesterday. I bought the book for Chase, but after I read the first couple pages, I was hooked. Have you read it? What did you think? I love how he comes up with new ways to present boring data. I was a little offended when I saw my name was on the poor-white person list, though I was relieved to find out I spell my name correctly. {unlike the thousands of Brittney, Britney, Britni, Britani's out there, etc}

Well tonight Annabelle was really having a sad time. She's teething and quite uncomfortable. She wouldn't go to sleep and stay asleep, so because I felt desperate to comfort her, I got in her crib with her. I layed beside her, head on her sleep sheep, and cozied up to her by nursing. Oh my previous little girl, it was so comfortable in there I wished I had thought of getting in with her sooner. Chase walked in and was very curious what on earth I was doing laying in the crib.

Tonight was a rant on my iPhone. No pictures cause I don't know to upload them in my phone. Anyone else know?

Xoxo, Brittany

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Abbie said...

I love that you got in the crib with her! That is awesome. I tried uploading photos from my iphone once (while blogging on my iphone) and it didn't work. You guys are cute.