31 May 2011

annie-bellie update.

I brought Annabelle to the Doctor today for her 6 month check up. {yes, she's over 7 months already.}
She has had a lengthy growth-spurt. 

Last visit, she was at the 50th percentile for weight and height. Today she was at the 50th percentile for weight, but the 90th percentile for height. My oh my! No wonder she's already stretching out of her 6-12 month footed onsies but her dresses are too loose. And in case you care, her head went from the 40th to the 55th percentile.

she weighs 16lbs 9oz
Annabelle can sit on her own, without support.
She can stand really well, with support.
I was told to put her on her tummy a lot more, because she's not very good at rolling.
She's very strong and active though.

sitting on the doctors bed, looking up 
She had a tooth(bottom right fang) pop through two weeks ago, but it went back in her gums last week. Now this week, it seems like she's teething again, perhaps her two front bottom teeth at once? I'm seeing some white coming in around there.

Poor little girl was sickie sickie this weekend. I'm not sure if her fever/diarrhea/lethargy was because of the teething or perhaps she picked up a little bug. Chase has been sick, so it's very possible he passed something on to her. This is luckily only the second time she's been mildly sick (or sick at all.) The only nice thing about her not feeling well is how cuddly and sleepy she is. It's adorable.

she rarely will sleep without blankies.


LindsayAndrew said...

I cannot get over how cute she is!! I want her! And your couch!! Love them both!

Abbie said...

So precious!! Such a beautiful baby.

Laurel & Bruce said...

Love this little one so much... adorable in every way.