28 April 2011

Happy Easter.

Happy Easter everyone.

Chase and I had lots of dorky-fun dying Easter Eggs together Saturday night!! I'm glad we did because we hadn't dyed eggs since we were dating. I should have bought more eggs though. 18 was NOT enough this year-- we wanted to keep going!!
{We didn't even dye eggs our first married Easter}
Brittany & Chase
Easter 2008
Sunday morning, I taught my darling little Sunbeams about the REAL meaning of Easter - Jesus and his atonement, crucifixion and resurrection.  I am so grateful for all He did for us so that we can live again.

That evening we had a yummy dinner with Chase's family.
Chase got his Easter basket on Monday afternoon. (this way i could buy the candy for 75% off monday morning, because the stores thought easter was over! silly stores.)

Don't think I left Annabelle out- she got a little yellow easter bag with a little toy and mini bunny in it from my mom.  I ate the bunny for her... which I'm sure passed through my milk into her little tummy.

And now for the pictures of this year's Easter:

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