11 April 2011

conference weekend

it was a wonderful conference weekend this year.
saturday morning, annabelle and i watched on my laptop as we snuggled in bed - she watched the whole session.
saturday afternoon, we {daddy, mommy, baby} went to my moms to watch - she fell asleep in her swing.

saturday evening {while the gentlemen went to priesthood} the ladies went to park city. we swam and had dinner and hung out with the kiddies.

sunday morning we were able to watch as we had a delicious breakfast at nielsen's. orange rolls... yum.
sunday afternoon we went to my moms. we had a big dinner afterwards and we facetimed with chase's sister which was fun.

i love family-time.
i love conference weekend... it feels like it should be a holiday.

xoxo, brittany

ps pictures:

aunt carol and happy annabelle.

snuggling in bed saturday morning.

swimming in pc.


the ladies.
the gentlemen.
pps: my favourite talks were...
Richard G Scott's, The Eternal Blessings of Marriage
M. Russell Ballard's, Finding Joy in Loving Service
and Dallin H Oaks's, Desire.


Laurel & Bruce said...

I love your blog.

Laurel & Bruce said...

You are so good at capturing family time and keeping a record of our doings. I love it.