20 April 2011

Blessing Annabelle.

I have something special to share with you...

On December 26, Chase gave Annabelle a name and a blessing. It was a beautiful winter morning and Annabelle was more than pleasant all day long. She couldn't have looked any more gorgeous than she did that day. My mother, thankfully, saved the dress and bonnet that I was blessed in, so sweet little Annabelle was able to wear them to be blessed in as well. I bought her little booties, a pearl bracelet, a silver rattle and cream knit blanket from Four and Twenty Sailors to complete her outfit.

The morning of, my brother-in-law, Jimmy Jeong, came over to document the special day in Annabelle's life. He and my sister Tiffany, live in New York City. Jimmy is an award winning photojournalist and he took the most STUNNING photographs for us of the morning getting ready for Annabelle's special day. Not only that, but he made Annabelle a video of it all AND surprised us by sending us a link to this video. {password: olsenjeong} I seriously watched it over and over!

Tears came to my eyes while watching, just thinking about how precious my baby is to me as well as how lucky we are to have such talented and sincerely thoughtful family members surrounding us. I cannot stop watching it. It was a very spiritual day. Chase and I could not be prouder parents. We know Annabelle will grow up to be a beautiful girl and we are honored to be the ones chosen to help her grow.

You are welcome to watch the video... in fact, you must watch it... if not to oooh and awww over Annabelle, then to oooh and awww over Jimmy's talent. {You will also get a sneak peak inside our house.}
  Click Here for the Vimeo link... password is: olsenjeong.

Thank you Jimmy!!


Nat said...

Little miss Annabelle looks like a china doll- she is so perfect! Congrats again!!!

McKensie Naomi said...

Brittany, I will say it again... SHE IS STUNNING! She is so beautiful. This video is great too. I am sure you will cherish that forever. So sweet!