22 February 2011

happy valentines day.

i made this little valentines decoration with some friends a couple weeks ago.

my valentines day this year was one of the best. 

in the morning, i babysat these two adorable kids.
after we made valentines cards, we...

dipped strawberries in chocolate

and ate them... 

they didn't eat much of their strawberries.

i made some decorated strawberries for chase.
try not to be jealous of my skills.
then i dropped annabelle off at grandma's house!

and we went to mazza for a valentines day lunch.
after we took a walk through frescos and to kings english bookstore.

it was one of those really romantic and giddy times.
it was wonderful.

in the afternoon, i hung out at grandma's with annabelle.

and found this drawing, that is kinda creepy, under my mom's coffee table.
the coffee table used to be in my bedroom{yes i had a huge bedroom} when i lived at home.
me and chase drew on it a long long time ago.

that evening, chase gave annabelle a duck for valentines.
he's a wonderful daddy.

he gave me an apron and an amazingly beautiful bouquet of pink roses.
and made a delicious meal for us!
i've been trying to watercolor paint lately.
chase has been very supportive, which i love
i framed my first flower painting and gave it to him.
don't laugh, i know there is much room for improvement.

i also made one of my little paintings into a card for him.
and wrote sweet nothings...
{Thank you Chase, for making my day wonderful... I love you.}


Jerilyn said...

ummm... I tried watercolor for a while, and its terribly hard. You are amazing! If that's your first flower watercolor, I am amazed! :) Beautiful!

Fun post!

jade said...

Your watercolors are beautiful!!
I AM jealous of your skills!

Lyndsey said...

Yes, I am jealous of your skills! Especially the watercolor - it's beautiful! I have always wanted to paint, and even more so when I saw your mom's paintings. Now I really want to! Nice work!