27 February 2011

Annabelle's first time at The Zoo.

She loved the monkeys.
We went with her cousins.
This big gorilla started hitting the glass. Scary.
Us sissy's.
Me and my babe, after a fun {and free} morning
at the zoo.

22 February 2011

happy valentines day.

i made this little valentines decoration with some friends a couple weeks ago.

my valentines day this year was one of the best. 

in the morning, i babysat these two adorable kids.
after we made valentines cards, we...

dipped strawberries in chocolate

and ate them... 

they didn't eat much of their strawberries.

i made some decorated strawberries for chase.
try not to be jealous of my skills.
then i dropped annabelle off at grandma's house!

and we went to mazza for a valentines day lunch.
after we took a walk through frescos and to kings english bookstore.

it was one of those really romantic and giddy times.
it was wonderful.

in the afternoon, i hung out at grandma's with annabelle.

and found this drawing, that is kinda creepy, under my mom's coffee table.
the coffee table used to be in my bedroom{yes i had a huge bedroom} when i lived at home.
me and chase drew on it a long long time ago.

that evening, chase gave annabelle a duck for valentines.
he's a wonderful daddy.

he gave me an apron and an amazingly beautiful bouquet of pink roses.
and made a delicious meal for us!
i've been trying to watercolor paint lately.
chase has been very supportive, which i love
i framed my first flower painting and gave it to him.
don't laugh, i know there is much room for improvement.

i also made one of my little paintings into a card for him.
and wrote sweet nothings...
{Thank you Chase, for making my day wonderful... I love you.}

08 February 2011


our family with our little christmas tree.

CHRISTMAS 2010!! {yes, i'm posting about christmas in february- so what?}

I don't know where to begin! Christmas was extra amazing this year. Besides the fact that my brother Jarom, his very pregnant wife and their girls couldn't travel to Utah for Christmas, it was perfect. Each of my other siblings were here and for most of the holidays (that we stretched out over a month!) and we all stayed up at my mom and Bruce's house. {though, yes, it was hard for me to always show up to everything and stay over all the time because of the baby...}

We did all sorts of fun Christmassy things, like acting out the Nativity on Christmas Eve and seeing the lights at Temple Square... and we sure played a lot, and I mean A LOT, of card games and board games!!
My siblings who don't live here also got to meet Annabelle finally. My sister, Tiffany, was especially attached to her and was a MAJOR help to me! I wish she lived in SLC, but sadly she's in NYC!

We also got to spend a lot of time with Chase's family, which was great. His sister showed up 5 months pregnant... She kept it from us so she could surprise us! It was so fun to see her and her family and for them to meet Annabelle finally!

I'll post some pictures, which are all pretty random and not in any order because that would take up way too much of my time. :)

annabelle on my lap as we play ticket to ride.

lots of time spend warming up by the fire.
like chase's ice?

niece scarlet holding annabelle.

nephew kai holding annabelle.

new years eve dinner with nielsens.

showing off my waxing skills to janelle.

our first picture of 2011.

bethany and kimball on new years.
bruce and mom on new years.

i drove andrew and janelle to the airport on new years day.
back to chicago.

lots of time spent playing iphone games with jimmy.

warming up after a day playing outside.

saying bye to jimmy and tiffany.
back to nyc.

new years eve drinks.

this was how a lot of tiffany's time was spent-
taking care of annabelle.

christmas eve diner.

acting out the nativity on christmas eve.
annabelle was baby jesus.

sibling matching jam jams.

the grandkids on christmas morning. so sweet.

annabelle on christmas morning with her candy cane.

our family of 3 decorating gingerbread houses.

daddy liked eating the candy.

walkers meeting annabelle.

brandon with annabelle.

seeing the lights at temple square.

the whole gang minus me, taking the picture.