02 December 2010

iTouch update.

Hi. My laptop won't connect to the Internet. It's really frustrating. I'm constantly having to use my iPod touch to do anything online- which is kinda tricky cause it's so small. And I don't think I can upload photos with it. Never tried, but I don't have any on here anyway. Perhaps before I finish publishing this I'll run down the stairs and upload from Chase's desktop.

My baby is a doll. She is really a good baby. She only fusses at the appropriate times, like when she's hungry, dirty, tired or something of the sort. And thank goodness for a good baby! I'm barely hanging on and so I can't imagine a bad baby. Haha, like collic-y or something. Yikes.

annabelle being held by her mom during her first bath.

I really almost lost it during that last big snow storm. Chase was gone for 34 hours and lucky me... I was stuck in my house with the baby the whole time. Near hour 30 of going at it alone, Brooklyn came over and installed some sanity back in me. Financially, we were grateful for that storm {chase plows snow, if you didn't know} but I really hope we don't have another one that long this winter.

Enough complaining. My baby is amazing and adorable!! I simply love her to bits. Her sweet little round head and pretty big eyes. The other day she had her first tub bath. {the last if her umbilical cord only fell off on thanksgiving}. I loved bathing her. She was so cute and squirmy and little and warm. Babies are priceless.
annabelle being held by her daddy during her first bath.

I love holding her and watching her face as she falls asleep and as she's waking up and as she's eating and as she's wide awake and as she's fast asleep. Okay I always love watching her!!

Xoxo, Brittany
ps: i guess we're going out so I'll try to do the pictures tomorrow. update: as you can see, i did upload some pictures!


bethany jane. said...

Haha, you can kind of tell that you wrote this on your phone... There are a few little wrong words in there. 34 hours? Oh man. I'm glad he's back, and I'm glad you're loving your babe! Can't wait for Christmas to see her (and you) again!

Brittany Anne Nielsen said...

ha. i tried to fix the little errors in my words. and yes, 34! yikes.
can't wait for xmas too!

Jimmy said...

So cute. We can't wait to see the three of you