06 November 2010

today is my due date...

today is my due date and i have an 11 day old daughter. 
{i didn't see that one coming} 

she's simply beautiful and i'm in love with her.
she is awake for longer periods of time now and i love just watching her as she looks around and explores the world with her eyes. she makes the funniest facial expressions when she is awake and especially right as she's falling asleep.
{i'm very tired but she is worth it}

i love my baby.


amanda said...

Such a very different "today is my due date" post than I had... haha.

she is darling! i'm happy for you.

Tiffany Brown Olsen said...

Aren't you lucky that you got her early!

Nadia and Jarom Phillips said...

How fun is it to have a girl eh?! Man I am sooo jealous of you, I went over 8 days and it was torture!
I know I keep saying this but she really is so beautiful Birtt! Im so glad you are loving being a mommy!