10 November 2010

siblings are great.

...MY siblings are great anyway...
{i'm the youngest of six}

My sister Brooklyn helped me pack for the hospital and helped take me there {chase was with me but he had a sprained ankle}. She was "lucky" enough to witness the birth of my baby. I was "lucky" enough that she was there with her camera and captured my whole labor and delivery. {her husband Ned met the wee one a few days later, with no photo evidence}
update: Ned finally held Annabelle for a picture!

My sister Bethany hitched a ride from Provo to Salt Lake the next day to have lunch at the hospital and obviously most importantly to meet the new babe.

My brother Andrew & his wife Janelle called and asked if they could Skype-meet Annabelle while we still at the hospital, which we did. The live in Chicago.

My sister Tiffany and her husband Jimmy live in New York City. They also wanted to meet Baby via Skype... they met on Halloween.

My brother Jarom, his wife Chrissy{who is due in january with a boy!} and their two girls, Laela and Ivy also met Annabelle on the 31st via Skype. They live in Calgary- in Canada.

I love all my siblings and their spouses. I also love technology! I love that even though we all live so far away from each other we can be in each others lives almost daily. {Our family loves to share things with each other via buzz, email, facebook, twitter, etc...}

Thank you to my family for caring about me and Chase and Annabelle. We appreciate you and love you!

Xoxo, Brittany


brooklyn said...

I love this post. And I love our siblings.

Janelle said...

i love technology. these pics are all so cute. so glad you can share her with all of us living far away.

leslie s said...

Sweet family members are such a blessing!! I'm so happy that you're surrounded by so many that love and adore you and your darling family! That's how it should be!! Love you, Hugs! :)