30 November 2010


Christmas is coming and I want to send out Christmas cards. 

I'm excited to pick out a design from shutterfly's Christmas Photo Cards
Here are some designs I like: 

You'll have to wait for your card to come in the mail to see which one I choose!! 
{leave your address or email it to me so I can send YOU one.}

Shutterfly also is thoughtful enough to make Holiday Photo Cards, for those who may not celebrate Christmas but do celebrate the holidays. Perfect for our Jewish friends.

I also love the idea of creating your own Calendar for 2011. Ya, the typical kittens and flowers are nice, but I'd rather see my own photos on my calendar! Plus then I'd be able to add birthdays to the calendar.

Perhaps when Annabelle turns 1, I'll order this card below. I think it's cute that it has a place for twelve photos, one for each month of her life. Shutterfly sure has some great ideas for birthday cards and invitations in their Birthday Card section.

As you've noticed, this blog isn't quite like my other posts. Shutterfly is doing a promotion. {and who can pass up 50 free christmas photo cards?!}  If you also participate, let me know so I can see your post too!

Xoxo, Brittany


Janelle said...

hey i almost did this, too. then it became all too clear that (1) we weren't going to have time to get pictures and (2) like last year, we probably wouldn't end up sending them out.

i think they have some really cute cards, though, so now i'll look forward to seeing yours!!

Nadia and Jarom Phillips said...

Britt I want one!
box 1372
Cardston AB
T0K 0K0
Im glad you have such a good baby. It makes it so much easier when they aren't crying all the time. I think she looks a lot like you!