28 September 2010

Tonight at Red Butte Gardens

{before i start, is anyone else having an extremely hard time with the layout of their blog? i can't ever seem to get the photo's/words in the spots i want them... it's frustrating to me!}
34 weeks.

Tonight my sissy invited me and our mom to go up to Red Butte Gardens. It's always so pretty up there and a perfect little getaway. I almost said no {because it does involve a lot of walking- which at this point is very hard and miserable and painful for me to do}, but I said yes and am glad I went. We had a picnic, walked around, chatted, fed the fish and took pictures.
Me, Mom and nephew, Oliver.
Me, sister Brooklyn,
niece Eleanor & nephew Oliver.

It was a lovely evening, I hope to have more like it before Baby comes. Though, it also would have been nice to have Chase there too- but he was at home diligently cleaning out the attic of our garage. I also came home to him vacuuming the stairs. I married a great guy!!


brooklyn said...

You looked so cute last night. I love these pics! Thanks for coming and walking so much.

Lacey said...

ok first of all i totally have the same problems with the pictures and trying to get text under them or even near them, so annoying!!! on the other hand it looks like you had a lovely evening, hasn't the weather just been so amazing in the evenings! love it!

McBride's said...

Brittany, sorry I tricked you. If it makes you feel better, I think we'll be having babies in 5 years. ;o). You look super cute with that pregnant belly of yours. I hope I can look that cute. You guys should call us sometime. :o)

JJ Olsen said...

If you want to have fewer layout problems, ditch the pre-made templates and edit the html directly. Blogger does let you do that if you want to.