12 September 2010


Remember when this happened almost two years ago? I do. It still makes me feel really sad and annoyed at myself.

Last summer, my brother gave me his old laptop, because he was getting a new one. Lucky him... and sorta lucky me. It was a really old iBook. Hardly any memory, useless battery and it needed to be plugged in or it wouldn't work, no camera, and takes a super long time to do anything or load anything or to even check my emails... but hey, beggars can't be choosers. {is that really how you spell beggar? i always thought it would be begger... but spell check is telling me otherwise}

My first laptop, yes, the one I stepped on, was a present when I graduated LDSBC.

As you may know, I just graduated from Elase Academy, passed all my state exams, and am now an Esthetician. To celebrate this all, I decided to buy myself .... one of these! Hooray!

I bought a MacBook Pro. It's wonderful. I don't have to use it plugged in. It is super fast. It will be able to hold all my {over 25000} photos. It has a built in camera, that will also record videos... and it does much much more and I am very happy about it all.

Xoxo, Brittany
ps: here is my first picture in photobooth on my new laptop...
pps: please excuse the size of my face- being 8 months pregnant hasn't served me well.


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brooklyn said...

yah for new computers!

JJ Olsen said...

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1. a.1.a One who asks alms, especially habitually; one who lives by so doing.

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Janelle said...

what a sweet reward for finishing school! congrats and good luck preparing for the baby - can't wait to see you three at christmas!