21 September 2010

The beginning of us. {09-20-07}

I met Chase on September 20, 2007.

We met at the University of Utah LDS Institute Building.

I was there, like I was every Thursday night, because I was in Gamma, a sorority... that night we were having the annual "Gamma Guy Competition."
Chase was there because his friends "dragged him there" as he says... though I've also heard him say he was up there simply to meet "hot girls!" I believe the latter.

After our activity, in which he did not win, I spotted him standing there with two of his friends. I recognized one of his friends, but could not place him- so I went up to them to say hi and figure out if I knew them. {which is lucky i didn't remember how i knew his friend- if i would have remembered, i certainly and simply would have just avoided them all together! but that's a different story for a different time.}

Chase and his friends were hilarious. They kept me laughing and I knew I needed to hang out with them. I'm now foggy on the details, but we all ended up at Donner Park at the playground.... and then ended up at Dee's on 7th & 21st for hot chocolate.

our first picture together- the night we met.
I wanted to sit by Chase, so I walked in first sat at the edge of the booth, waited until his two friends were seated across from me and then I moved in so Chase could sit down. Naturally I pulled out my camera with these new boys and took pictures! I'm so glad I did, because now I have a picture of us on the night we met. Isn't Chase gorgeous? I was too... but I think photoshop helped too. :)

As we were all saying goodbye, all three of the boys got my number... Chase realized he needed to act fast so he wrote me a text that said "I like you." While we were all still in the car together!! We texted all night and he asked me if I'd go on a date with him the next night!
And the next night we went on our first date...

Fast-forward three years... and we are, married & expecting! Who would have thought?

Each year on the 20th of September we go to Dee's for Hot Chocolate... Here we are this year:

I love you Chase! Next year we can bring our baby girl with us... :)


becky said...

i love this post..every single bit of it! hope things are well and im excited to see that cute baby of yours :)

leslie s said...

Cute love story!! I love how you have created that sweet tradition of going back each year too. You have me curious about how you knew his friend too - You have such good stories. Can't wait for that darling baby to arrive.

e and d said...

that is the cutest thing ever!! i love that he text you, "i like you." that melted my heart! how stinking cute!! i love that you guys keep your tradition going. dallin and i met 3 years ago last month too, but it was at ward prayer-- and i'm NOT going back to a BYU singles ward to save my life! haha! thanks for sharing this though, seriously so cute!