28 September 2010

Tonight at Red Butte Gardens

{before i start, is anyone else having an extremely hard time with the layout of their blog? i can't ever seem to get the photo's/words in the spots i want them... it's frustrating to me!}
34 weeks.

Tonight my sissy invited me and our mom to go up to Red Butte Gardens. It's always so pretty up there and a perfect little getaway. I almost said no {because it does involve a lot of walking- which at this point is very hard and miserable and painful for me to do}, but I said yes and am glad I went. We had a picnic, walked around, chatted, fed the fish and took pictures.
Me, Mom and nephew, Oliver.
Me, sister Brooklyn,
niece Eleanor & nephew Oliver.

It was a lovely evening, I hope to have more like it before Baby comes. Though, it also would have been nice to have Chase there too- but he was at home diligently cleaning out the attic of our garage. I also came home to him vacuuming the stairs. I married a great guy!!

25 September 2010

check. check. check.

Baby is coming in just over a month. We have a lot to do still to prepare, but this weekend has been a great success. We've checked off many a things from our massive to-do list.
Here is a little snap of what we got done:

- Cleared out Baby's room {which was Chase's office}

- Qwest came and installed a new jack downstairs, so we could move our internet modem downstairs {by the way, they did it for free because i told them i was going to cancel my service otherwise}

- Had the carpets cleaned in Baby's room {thanks to a random kid selling kirby vacuums door to door, who told me he would clean one room if i let him demo the $2600 vacuum!! it truly is an amazing vacuum, my mom had one, i'll have to ask if she actually paid that much for it!! yikes.}

- Set up a Yard Sale and got rid of a bunch of junk and made about 100 bucks. {by the end we were sick of it, so we put up a post saying everything is free, which is nice because now we don't have to haul away the leftovers.}

- Totally cleaned out the basement, there is still a long ways to go, but we got a new desk set up down there for Chase's "office". {which is in our family room now.}

- We finally got a printer! I set it up, which took forever because we didn't have the software CD, but it works now! {it's been probably over a year since we've had a working printer and i am VERY excited not to have to go to my in-laws or sisters house to print, they are probably excited too.}

- I baked a couple Peach Pies, this task wasn't on my to-do list per say... but my mom just bought me a Bosch mixer and so I was very excited to use it for the first time!! {she kinda told me she'd get me one for a wedding gift... i lost hope in that idea since it's been two years, but she and Bruce surprised me with one this week! THANK YOU!!}

- I think we did more, but my time is running out... I'm going to the General Relief Society Conference tonight with my mom and I've got to go get ready... and lucky Chase is going to a U of U Football game.

Xoxo, Brittany
{sorry this post didn't come with any pictures... i know these kind of posts aren't as fun to read... more to come later...}

21 September 2010

The beginning of us. {09-20-07}

I met Chase on September 20, 2007.

We met at the University of Utah LDS Institute Building.

I was there, like I was every Thursday night, because I was in Gamma, a sorority... that night we were having the annual "Gamma Guy Competition."
Chase was there because his friends "dragged him there" as he says... though I've also heard him say he was up there simply to meet "hot girls!" I believe the latter.

After our activity, in which he did not win, I spotted him standing there with two of his friends. I recognized one of his friends, but could not place him- so I went up to them to say hi and figure out if I knew them. {which is lucky i didn't remember how i knew his friend- if i would have remembered, i certainly and simply would have just avoided them all together! but that's a different story for a different time.}

Chase and his friends were hilarious. They kept me laughing and I knew I needed to hang out with them. I'm now foggy on the details, but we all ended up at Donner Park at the playground.... and then ended up at Dee's on 7th & 21st for hot chocolate.

our first picture together- the night we met.
I wanted to sit by Chase, so I walked in first sat at the edge of the booth, waited until his two friends were seated across from me and then I moved in so Chase could sit down. Naturally I pulled out my camera with these new boys and took pictures! I'm so glad I did, because now I have a picture of us on the night we met. Isn't Chase gorgeous? I was too... but I think photoshop helped too. :)

As we were all saying goodbye, all three of the boys got my number... Chase realized he needed to act fast so he wrote me a text that said "I like you." While we were all still in the car together!! We texted all night and he asked me if I'd go on a date with him the next night!
And the next night we went on our first date...

Fast-forward three years... and we are, married & expecting! Who would have thought?

Each year on the 20th of September we go to Dee's for Hot Chocolate... Here we are this year:

I love you Chase! Next year we can bring our baby girl with us... :)

19 September 2010

i am creating life.

"The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul. No matter our talents, education, backgrounds, or abilities, we each have an inherent wish to create something that did not exist before.
Everyone can create."
-Dieter F. Uchtdorf, Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ

When President Uchtdorf gave this talk in the General Relief Society Meeting, I simply loved it. In fact, I still love it.

My {also pregnant} friend Emily, posted this video that was made by the church on her blog recently. You should watch it.

When I watched it, I couldn't help but think about the fact that I am, right now, creating.... I am creating life. What could be more miraculous then that? It's hard, but is so worth it!! {Very hard!!}

There are 7 weeks until my due date, November 6th. I am 33 weeks and 1 day into this pregnancy as of today. I can't help but get scared that she will come early, too early and that I won't be ready. Chase thinks she'll be born on November 4th or 5th. I hope she's late... more like November 10th or 12th.
I don't want her to come on October 30, 31 or November 3rd, 8th or 11th. {perhaps i just jinxed myself}

Today after church, I tried to get a good shot of my pregnant self with Photobooth on my MacBook... Perhaps I didn't get a great shot, but here I am... today:

Xoxo, Brittany.

18 September 2010

we've been practicing.

We tended our niece, Eleanor, on Monday night. She was a lot of fun to play with.
It's so strange to think that come November we'll be "babysitting" our own little girl, full time.
I loved watching Chase read to her and imagining him reading to our baby girl one day. One day soon.

{i took both pictures with photobooth on my new computer, not very great shots of us, but she's just darling!}

12 September 2010


Remember when this happened almost two years ago? I do. It still makes me feel really sad and annoyed at myself.

Last summer, my brother gave me his old laptop, because he was getting a new one. Lucky him... and sorta lucky me. It was a really old iBook. Hardly any memory, useless battery and it needed to be plugged in or it wouldn't work, no camera, and takes a super long time to do anything or load anything or to even check my emails... but hey, beggars can't be choosers. {is that really how you spell beggar? i always thought it would be begger... but spell check is telling me otherwise}

My first laptop, yes, the one I stepped on, was a present when I graduated LDSBC.

As you may know, I just graduated from Elase Academy, passed all my state exams, and am now an Esthetician. To celebrate this all, I decided to buy myself .... one of these! Hooray!

I bought a MacBook Pro. It's wonderful. I don't have to use it plugged in. It is super fast. It will be able to hold all my {over 25000} photos. It has a built in camera, that will also record videos... and it does much much more and I am very happy about it all.

Xoxo, Brittany
ps: here is my first picture in photobooth on my new laptop...
pps: please excuse the size of my face- being 8 months pregnant hasn't served me well.

08 September 2010

2nd Anniversary Trip to California.

Chase and I took a trip to Long Beach, California. It was a needed getaway for us. Our 2nd Anniversary was on the Monday that we were there. Also we wanted to take one last trip together, just the two of us before we become full-time parents! {eeek!}
Instead of doing about 15 posts about the trip, one for each litle thing we did, I'm just going to do one big post.... Here it is, enjoy:

Thursday night:
We landed in the Long Beach Airport- which is outdoor and crazy-small. It made it kinda fun though.

 We got to our hotel {which was really nice on the waterfront and had an amazing view} to drop our things off and then we went to explore.

We walked around Shoreline Villiage, which has a bunch of cute shops and eateries and chose to eat at Stephano's Pizzeria.

Up for a yummy free breakfast at the hotel, then off to Huntington Beach. We played in the ocean {well, i got up to my knees wet & Chase was brave enough to go in the freezing water all the way to play in the waves}.

We went to the Farmers Market and looked around at the other stores close by.
Funny Story: Chase had to go to the bathroom and we went from store to store and no one would let us use their restroom unless we bought something... finally we found a Gelato Shop and went in. They had the same rule as everyone else, but Chase just walked in and used it anyway. So I had to awkwardly stand there looking at the flavors, pretending we had intentions to buy. I was asked if I'd like to sample any of them and I almost said no... but then again, they did look delicious... so I said yes and sampled a few! Mmmm... Right before Chase came out of the restroom, a group of girls came in and started ordering. Chase came out and well he just walked out, so I walked out too... Hah, without getting anything and afer sampling a bunch of flavors! I wonder what the worker was thinking of me!! I was really embarrassed!! {and kinda regretted not getting more of the delicious gelato!}
After, we drove to Newport to see the Temple there. It's pretty, especially the grounds.

Then we went to Fashion Island. We we planning on going shopping, but we only made it in Barnes & Noble. We bought these funny books "How Well Do You Know Your Husband/Wife" - and some card games... Then we got tired and decided to just go back to the hotel to play our games and fill in our question books. Which was SO much fun!

We lazed around in the morning {obviously after we got up early to enjoy our free breakfast} and we played more cards. Then we went to The Queen Mary. It's this old Titanic era ship that is now a hotel and museum. It was a lot of fun to go through it and boy was it huge!! Chase especially loved it and seeing the mechanics of the ship. He wished we would have stayed there- but those cabins were so small, I'm glad we didn't. After eating in the restraraunt, we went back to our hotel... Yes and played more card games and filled in more answers about each other. {We DID know each other pretty well}

We got up early to eat and go off to Church. We just found a random ward to go to, but it was a great meeting all about how it's our duty to strengten the youth of the church... I need to be a better Young Women's Leader perhaps.  
After, we just went back to the hotel and had a nap. {Remember, I'm 7 months pregnant here and I get VERY tired!} That evening we walked around Rainbow Harbor and went to the Aquarium of the Pacific.

 They had Sea Animals galore! We got to pet some and see some shows, it was all very interesting. Chase LOVES fish and sea life. He wants to get a salt water aquarium in our house now.
We bought our baby a little stuffed seal, so she could remember her first trip to the ocean.

 Our last day, we got up and packed up and checked out {obviously after we enjoyed yet another great free meal.} And we went back to Rainbow Harbor to go on a Whale Watching day cruise!!

It was so much fun to see those big mamals. Wow. Lots and lots of them!! Also lots and lots of dolphins, which are so pretty and fun to see swim in and out of the water. It lasted over 3 hours and we forgot sunscreen, so we did end up burnt. oops. We loved it though. {taking pictures of whales is really hard... they move too fast to capture their largeness...}

After that we ate at Bostons Pizza and then went to the airport, played some cards while we waited, and then left to go back to Salt Lake City. Our Pilot took this picture of us before we walked onto the airplane!

Goodbye California. Thanks for letting us visit.