18 August 2010


i finished school. graduated from elase academy as an esthetician. i took my state practical exam and passed. next week i take the state written exam.
shall i now get a job?

{more images to come.}

this weekend i took care of my grandma. my alzheimer's grandma. it was so emotionally draining. i don't know how my mom does it full time. i almost gave up after 5 days! i don't even have the energy to write about it. i'll just say she is now very mean sometimes.

we've been having an enjoyable but busy summer... i'm 28 weeks pregnant... and i sure feel it...
more updates to come.
xoxo, brittany


The Powells said...

Congratulations! On both fronts! I had no idea you were pregnant that's so exciting. I am in my 8 week so I can't wait to follow your story. :)

Tiffany Brown Olsen said...

Ha! Now you know what it feels like you little meanie! I am so proud of you for passing you exam. I know you will pass the next one as well. I expect a lifetime of manicures! Love you.

the Woods said...

I'm sorry grandma was so hard on you. That's so-o draining, especially being prego. Poor grandma though. I'm sure she doesn't mean to be so difficult. I don't know how your mom does it either. It's a big job.