25 July 2010

25 weeks

Our baby has been growing inside of me for 25 weeks! I have 15 weeks to go before I'll be a full time mother. My stomach is getting really big, it's so strange to see your body change so drastically so suddenly!

Yesterday, Chase and I bought our car seat and stroller frame. It's pretty basic, but that's what I like about it. No frilly or weird patterns to get sick of... just grey and black. Also if our next child is a boy, he won't have to endure using his older sisters pink car seat or anything! We bought the frame at Babies R Us and had a 20% off coupon. To buy the car seat, I looked online to find the best price and I found it for $45 dollars less then it sells in stores! I love good deals.  

We also went garage-sale-ing yesterday and bought some cute little children's books and baby clothes for some great prices. Slowly we're accumulating the things we need. We don't have a room for the baby yet {the room we'll be using is chase's office right now} so we have piles in our dining room of baby things, waiting for a place to go!
I'm done school next month. After I finish, we'll move Chase downstairs, paint the baby room and start moving her in... 15 weeks to go...

Xoxo, Brittany.