30 June 2010

Happy Father's Day too.... just a tad bit late...

Chase is going to be the best dad ever!! He's so darling with our niece, Eleanor. I love watching them play. I can't wait for him to be playing with our baby girl... Oh ya!! We had the ultrasound and found out that we're having A GIRL. We're very excited about that. Chase thought we were having a girl. {I thought it was going to be a boy}

I'm not too sure why I made the title Happy Father's Day. I don't have much to say about it. I gave Chase the book, Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters. He's reading it now and loves it... sometimes we'll read it together. {i actually already read it, ha} It's all about how important of a role a father is in a daughter's life. Wow. Every man should read this book, asap.

On Father's Day we stopped by Bruce's {my step-dad} place to wish him well and then went to Chase's parents house for a yummy dinner. My dad lives in Canada, so I didn't get to see him. Hopefully he'll come visit soon. {side note: i had a trip planned to go up to canada in two weeks for a week with my sister, but her kids don't have passports, so we had to cancel the trip, hopefully just postpone the trip.
Since I haven't been blogging lately, I'll give you a little update:
Chase is very busy with work!! He's outside all day everyday and I'm jealous of his tan... though it's a farmers tan. He loves yards and gardens too.
We planted a garden this year and Chase is so attentive to it. {in fact he's sitting outside right now "watching it grow."

I'm in school at Elase Academy now. I really enjoy the school. I'm there all day every day though and I'm getting exhausted.
My feet swell up and hurt everyday! :( and my wedding ring doesn't fit my finger anymore. I really wish I could wear it.
I'll be done school in August... and then I'll be an Esthetician. Fun.
Our baby is healthy and I'm feeling a lot better then I was the first trimester! I actually like being pregnant now.
Well, I'll try to be better about posting on my blog.

Xoxo, Brittany

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