10 February 2010

Packing is driving me lazy!

I'm updating from my iTouch. It's hard for me because my fingers are really cold.

School has been a bit overwhelming lately. I don't think barbering was a wise choice for me. I really love the esthetics portion though.
Dang, it's freezing. My nose is cold.

We are moving! We'll soon reside in Millcreek. I know that doesn't narrow it down much, but I'm not about to post my new address on here. We are very excited to own our first home. It's a perfect little house for us.

Packing is driving me lazy. Is that even a saying? The more packing I feel I need to do, the less of anything else I do. Aka: going to school. Thankfully I have a great Mom and sister. All my sisters aregreat, but Brooklyn is nice to come help me pack. Anyone and everyone is welcome to help me as well.

We will move on February 26 & 27. Book out those days to help! Haha.

I watched The Secret Life of Bees tonight. I'm sure glad we don't live in such a racist society. The movie made me want to go live in a big fancy house in the south. It made Chase want to raise bee's.

I need a manicure/pedicure so bad! Idont want to do my own. I hope someone at school will pamper me tomorrow.

Grandma is still living with my mom. Her Alzheimer's is getting a lot worse. She never knows that my mom is her daughter- it's sad.

We had a fun wig themed birthday party for Bruce last weekend. I love my family. We have so much fun. I'm glad Bruces kids are fun too.

I need to go to bed. Xoxo, Brittany.


MandiScandal said...

I am so excited for you to have your own house!!! How exciting Brittany!!

I have a bridal shower(jade's) invitation for you that went out in the mail yesterday, but I guess you won't be attending because it is on the 27th!!

I am really excited for you and you'll have to post pictures of it once you are all settled in!!

Anonymous said...

How fun you bought a house!! Its the best!!
Cant wait to see pics ;)

leah.jane said...

oh how exciting!! we can't wait to see your new place. i'm sure it''s adorable.

LindsayAndrew said...

Yay how exciting for you guys! What a fun adventure! I can't wait to hear all about it! And your family has the best parties! Post pictures!