25 February 2010

It's official.

This is it: Chase and I officially own a home!!
We signed the papers today!!
We start moving our completely packed up house tomorrow! It's a strange feeling to think that after this weekend I will live somewhere else. I'll have a new ward too. I'm nervous about that. I've only been in two wards before. Parkland Ward, from when I can remember until I was 14. Then, the Parleys 6th Ward here in Salt Lake, from 2001 - 2010 {yes, i've managed to move 6 times in salt lake and stay in one ward!} Our new ward is the Winder 5th Ward.

The house we are moving into is great. Plus, we don't have to throw away rent money each month! Hooray. It's been a crazy past few weeks and I'm finally feeling ready to move. I've had some really great helpers, perhaps I've been their helper. They've cleaned, packed, organized, moved things around, planned and everything with me. Obviously Chase has been the biggest, hardest worker, but... Thank you Mom, Bruce, Grandma, Brooklyn {with Oliver & Eleanor}, Katelyn & Michelle!! Could not have done it without you all. Especially Brooklyn and Mom, who have both put in hours and hours and hours just to help me! I look forward to the move this weekend and for the people who are going to help us. I'll have to post pictures once we are settled. For now, here is the outside of the house.

Xoxo from a home owner,

10 February 2010

Packing is driving me lazy!

I'm updating from my iTouch. It's hard for me because my fingers are really cold.

School has been a bit overwhelming lately. I don't think barbering was a wise choice for me. I really love the esthetics portion though.
Dang, it's freezing. My nose is cold.

We are moving! We'll soon reside in Millcreek. I know that doesn't narrow it down much, but I'm not about to post my new address on here. We are very excited to own our first home. It's a perfect little house for us.

Packing is driving me lazy. Is that even a saying? The more packing I feel I need to do, the less of anything else I do. Aka: going to school. Thankfully I have a great Mom and sister. All my sisters aregreat, but Brooklyn is nice to come help me pack. Anyone and everyone is welcome to help me as well.

We will move on February 26 & 27. Book out those days to help! Haha.

I watched The Secret Life of Bees tonight. I'm sure glad we don't live in such a racist society. The movie made me want to go live in a big fancy house in the south. It made Chase want to raise bee's.

I need a manicure/pedicure so bad! Idont want to do my own. I hope someone at school will pamper me tomorrow.

Grandma is still living with my mom. Her Alzheimer's is getting a lot worse. She never knows that my mom is her daughter- it's sad.

We had a fun wig themed birthday party for Bruce last weekend. I love my family. We have so much fun. I'm glad Bruces kids are fun too.

I need to go to bed. Xoxo, Brittany.