17 January 2010

welcome to two thousand ten.

Happy New Year!!

We had such a wonderful holiday season this year. It was long too!! My school break was from December 9ish - January 11th! Yes, a month. Chase plows snow; so, when it's not snowing, he can hang out all day. Hooray.

This semester in school will be wild. I am continuing the Esthetics program in the afternoon and evenings, which I still love. I am also starting a new program... Barbering!! Yes I will be a barber. That means I will be a mens hairdresser basically. I also will learn to shave them with a straight edge blade. I am doing this program in the mornings.

Here is my schedule:
7-8am: Barbering Theory (textbook work)
8-12: Barbering Lab (watching the hair cuts; in a few weeks I'll be cutting too)
12-1pm: Esthetics Theory (textbook work)
1-5pm: Esthetics Lab (working on clients; waxing, manicure/pedicures, facials, etc)
plus on Tuesday & Wednesday nights:
5-6pm: Esthetics Theory (more textbook work, with a different teacher)
6-9pm: Esthetics Lab (again, doing the same as in the afternoon)
9-10pm: Esthetics Theory (again, with another teacher)

I have Fridays off!! Thank goodness.

I really enjoy having so many different teachers for the Esthetics Theory classes. Each teacher has such a different teaching style and they all know so many different things. It's really fun to be able to gain their knowledge and learn what they think is the most important.

I have a lot of friends in my classes now. I really have a hard time remembering everyones' names though. What with meeting SO many different girls. I sit beside a deaf girl in Barbering Theory. I finally talked to her on Thursday. It was kinda awkward because I had to go to her interpreter and talk to her so the interpreter could sign what I was saying to the girl. It was different but fun. I hope we become friends, I'll have to learn sign language now. :)

I hope I continue to love school as much as I do now throughout the whole semester.

Xoxo, Brittany
ps: here are some pictures of new years eve day, coloring with my sisters and mom and eve, going out to dinner with my parents and grandma.

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