24 January 2010

waxing waxing all night long.

Bethany brought a male friend over to my mom's yesterday. They both asked for leg waxes. It was funny... I've never waxed a guys full leg before. He had never been waxed before. (He shaves because he's a biker.)
I had plugged the wax in before dinner so that it could heat up, then I moved it into the room we waxed in right before starting. (but i forgot to plug it back in, oops.) The wax kept getting so thick and I had no idea why. It was really hard and it took forever to wax Clay's legs. I also ran out of the pellon strips to remove the wax with, so we cut up an old sheet to use.. which actually worked just great.
Bethany's legs took way less time, because the wax had heated back up and she had way less hair! I also tinted her eyelashes black and gave her a mini mini pedicure. We didn't finish everything until 1230! Ah.

It was Bethany's birthday last night too. She's now a quarter of a century old. We had a french themed party. We all wore moustaches and black. We made and ate quiche, grapes, cheese and wine(non-alcoholic) and a crepe cake. Mmmm.

I shall post pictures soon- as soon as Brooklyn uploads them.
Xoxo, Brittany.

UPDATE ps: Bethany wanted me to change a few things... Clay is not a "biker", he's a cyclist. We did not drink non-alcoholic wine, we drank sparking swiss apple bubblies. Clay is not her "boyfriend".

17 January 2010

welcome to two thousand ten.

Happy New Year!!

We had such a wonderful holiday season this year. It was long too!! My school break was from December 9ish - January 11th! Yes, a month. Chase plows snow; so, when it's not snowing, he can hang out all day. Hooray.

This semester in school will be wild. I am continuing the Esthetics program in the afternoon and evenings, which I still love. I am also starting a new program... Barbering!! Yes I will be a barber. That means I will be a mens hairdresser basically. I also will learn to shave them with a straight edge blade. I am doing this program in the mornings.

Here is my schedule:
7-8am: Barbering Theory (textbook work)
8-12: Barbering Lab (watching the hair cuts; in a few weeks I'll be cutting too)
12-1pm: Esthetics Theory (textbook work)
1-5pm: Esthetics Lab (working on clients; waxing, manicure/pedicures, facials, etc)
plus on Tuesday & Wednesday nights:
5-6pm: Esthetics Theory (more textbook work, with a different teacher)
6-9pm: Esthetics Lab (again, doing the same as in the afternoon)
9-10pm: Esthetics Theory (again, with another teacher)

I have Fridays off!! Thank goodness.

I really enjoy having so many different teachers for the Esthetics Theory classes. Each teacher has such a different teaching style and they all know so many different things. It's really fun to be able to gain their knowledge and learn what they think is the most important.

I have a lot of friends in my classes now. I really have a hard time remembering everyones' names though. What with meeting SO many different girls. I sit beside a deaf girl in Barbering Theory. I finally talked to her on Thursday. It was kinda awkward because I had to go to her interpreter and talk to her so the interpreter could sign what I was saying to the girl. It was different but fun. I hope we become friends, I'll have to learn sign language now. :)

I hope I continue to love school as much as I do now throughout the whole semester.

Xoxo, Brittany
ps: here are some pictures of new years eve day, coloring with my sisters and mom and eve, going out to dinner with my parents and grandma.