18 December 2010

daddy-daughter date.

Last night Chase took Annabelle on their first daddy-daughter date. I had previously thought of this as an event to help promote the bond between daddy and daughter... now I realize it also has another purpose. To give Mom a break!!

A few weeks ago, my sister-in-law wrote this for her facebook status, "has a question for mothers with young children. What is the longest time period you have been alone in your own house since your children were born? I'm just curious if I am an anomaly."  I responded that I had never been alone at my house since my baby was born! Hah. Mind you, it's only been 7 weeks now and I have had breaks, just no breaks in my own home.

Back to tonight, I prompted Chase to invite his little baby girl out with him for the evening. He was excited and nervous. This would be his first outing alone with Baby. I helped him pack the diaper bag and sent them on their way... of course taking a couple pictures first.

Chase took Annabelle shopping for their date. Annabelle loves to go on rides in her stroller and the mall is a perfect place for walking when it's cold outside. Chase is adorable as a dad. I can just imagine how great he looked pushing the stroller, diaper bag in hand... shopping. {he even came home with some new clothes for baby}

Sadly{for all of us} while they were gone, I flooded the basement doing laundry and had to call Chase to come home early. I nursed Annabelle while he was wet-vac-ing up the mess and afterwards I took some pictures of them playing in her room together. Chase is seriously so cute with Annabelle. He loves playing and interacting with her. {notice the photo below, she's holding her toy!}

Annabelle is getting much more interactive too. She smiles and has seemed to laugh a couple times. Her eyes zoom around and she will make eye contact now. Her hands are always moving and she's learning how to grab things too... it's just hard to capture these moments on film.

She's growing up so fast!! I can't believe she's almost 2 months old already!!! She's so much fun. Below is her about to smile...
Xoxo, Brittany

ps: this morning chase let me sleep from 7am to noon. when i woke up he had scrubbed the bathroom, kitchen, mopped the upstairs floors and tidied the house. all while taking care of our baby... amazing!

17 December 2010

home update.

When we bought our house, there was a big unfinished room with the washer and dryer, an old nasty shower and a big hole in the ground. We planned to finish this room into a nice laundry room and bathroom. I thought it was going to be one of those "one day..." projects. Turns out Chase was very excited to start this project- he started last week!!

I wish I got a before, before picture.  Before Chase ripped out the shower and before he started framing the room, but I didn't- so here is the after, before pictures. The second set of pictures below is after the plumber came and fixed all our plumbing. {and after Chase had put up the drywall in the laundry room and framed the shower.} Our home wasn't originally meant to have a bathroom in the basement or anything that needed a drain really... but with the new pump he installed, we will be set. You can't see in the photo, but he also put in the lines for a toilet and the sink against the wall on the right.

I'm really proud of my hubby for being so motivated. He has a landscaping/ snow removal business so, in the winter, if it's not snowing {or he's not plowing}, he's got a lot of free time. He spends this time improving our home... and helping me with Annabelle. I greatly appreciate both.

Thank you Chase!! I love you a lot.
Xoxo, Brittany.

ps: i told chase he had to take the next two weeks off from working on our home so we could have a lot of christmas fun... but i look forward to him finishing the project in the new year.

pps: what's a blog post without a picture of my baby? here i am with her during her second tub bath ever:

08 December 2010

On Target.

Today I spent the day shopping with my mom and sister and her kids and obviously with my baby Annabelle. We went to Target, Walmart, Costco & Michaels. It was very fun and I got lots of my Christmas shopping done- which I previously hadn't even started!! I'm excited to start wrapping everything. I love giving gifts! Don't get me wrong, I also love receiving gifts! :)

I don't really have any gifts for my baby. My 6 week old baby girl. She will be 2 months old, shy a day, on Christmas Day. Obviously she will not know what this joyous holiday is yet. Plus, we just spent big bucks on her... And everything she has is brand new!!
Did you buy or do you think you would buy your brand new baby Christmas presents?

She was a very good baby for most the day. The only time she really cried for no reason was when we were in the checkout line at Target. I was in one line, my mom was in another and Brooklyn was in yet, another. Brooklyn's cart had my sleeping baby in it {as well as her two restless children in it.} I looked over and saw the lady in front of her tell her that her baby was crying. Ha. Oops! I ran over and heard her little cry. It's so quiet and tiny. I tried to calm her with her soother, but then I had to go back to my stuff because it was my turn in the line! I hoped Baby would be fine. Aparently not, because next thing I saw was my mom taking Annabelle out of her car seat and bringing baby into her checkout line. I guess I need to keep her with me so we don't a scene like that again...

At Target I had to change my little one, so I used a cart. Here's the photo evidence:

Ain't she a doll? Xoxo, Brittany.

02 December 2010

iTouch update.

Hi. My laptop won't connect to the Internet. It's really frustrating. I'm constantly having to use my iPod touch to do anything online- which is kinda tricky cause it's so small. And I don't think I can upload photos with it. Never tried, but I don't have any on here anyway. Perhaps before I finish publishing this I'll run down the stairs and upload from Chase's desktop.

My baby is a doll. She is really a good baby. She only fusses at the appropriate times, like when she's hungry, dirty, tired or something of the sort. And thank goodness for a good baby! I'm barely hanging on and so I can't imagine a bad baby. Haha, like collic-y or something. Yikes.

annabelle being held by her mom during her first bath.

I really almost lost it during that last big snow storm. Chase was gone for 34 hours and lucky me... I was stuck in my house with the baby the whole time. Near hour 30 of going at it alone, Brooklyn came over and installed some sanity back in me. Financially, we were grateful for that storm {chase plows snow, if you didn't know} but I really hope we don't have another one that long this winter.

Enough complaining. My baby is amazing and adorable!! I simply love her to bits. Her sweet little round head and pretty big eyes. The other day she had her first tub bath. {the last if her umbilical cord only fell off on thanksgiving}. I loved bathing her. She was so cute and squirmy and little and warm. Babies are priceless.
annabelle being held by her daddy during her first bath.

I love holding her and watching her face as she falls asleep and as she's waking up and as she's eating and as she's wide awake and as she's fast asleep. Okay I always love watching her!!

Xoxo, Brittany
ps: i guess we're going out so I'll try to do the pictures tomorrow. update: as you can see, i did upload some pictures!

30 November 2010


Christmas is coming and I want to send out Christmas cards. 

I'm excited to pick out a design from shutterfly's Christmas Photo Cards
Here are some designs I like: 

You'll have to wait for your card to come in the mail to see which one I choose!! 
{leave your address or email it to me so I can send YOU one.}

Shutterfly also is thoughtful enough to make Holiday Photo Cards, for those who may not celebrate Christmas but do celebrate the holidays. Perfect for our Jewish friends.

I also love the idea of creating your own Calendar for 2011. Ya, the typical kittens and flowers are nice, but I'd rather see my own photos on my calendar! Plus then I'd be able to add birthdays to the calendar.

Perhaps when Annabelle turns 1, I'll order this card below. I think it's cute that it has a place for twelve photos, one for each month of her life. Shutterfly sure has some great ideas for birthday cards and invitations in their Birthday Card section.

As you've noticed, this blog isn't quite like my other posts. Shutterfly is doing a promotion. {and who can pass up 50 free christmas photo cards?!}  If you also participate, let me know so I can see your post too!

Xoxo, Brittany

18 November 2010

Annabelle has the best dad.

i love watching chase interact with our baby.
he's amazing.
she's amazing.
i am sure one lucky wife and mom.

10 November 2010

siblings are great.

...MY siblings are great anyway...
{i'm the youngest of six}

My sister Brooklyn helped me pack for the hospital and helped take me there {chase was with me but he had a sprained ankle}. She was "lucky" enough to witness the birth of my baby. I was "lucky" enough that she was there with her camera and captured my whole labor and delivery. {her husband Ned met the wee one a few days later, with no photo evidence}
update: Ned finally held Annabelle for a picture!

My sister Bethany hitched a ride from Provo to Salt Lake the next day to have lunch at the hospital and obviously most importantly to meet the new babe.

My brother Andrew & his wife Janelle called and asked if they could Skype-meet Annabelle while we still at the hospital, which we did. The live in Chicago.

My sister Tiffany and her husband Jimmy live in New York City. They also wanted to meet Baby via Skype... they met on Halloween.

My brother Jarom, his wife Chrissy{who is due in january with a boy!} and their two girls, Laela and Ivy also met Annabelle on the 31st via Skype. They live in Calgary- in Canada.

I love all my siblings and their spouses. I also love technology! I love that even though we all live so far away from each other we can be in each others lives almost daily. {Our family loves to share things with each other via buzz, email, facebook, twitter, etc...}

Thank you to my family for caring about me and Chase and Annabelle. We appreciate you and love you!

Xoxo, Brittany

06 November 2010

today is my due date...

today is my due date and i have an 11 day old daughter. 
{i didn't see that one coming} 

she's simply beautiful and i'm in love with her.
she is awake for longer periods of time now and i love just watching her as she looks around and explores the world with her eyes. she makes the funniest facial expressions when she is awake and especially right as she's falling asleep.
{i'm very tired but she is worth it}

i love my baby.

02 November 2010

who knew?

who knew that becoming a mother would stop me from wanting to do anything but mother.

i haven't been returning calls, texts, emails, messages, or posts and i haven't been updating the blog, facebook, photos, etc like i thought i would. 

all i want to do is love and take care of my little baby girl... so that's what i'll do.

29 October 2010

Annabelle Bea.

Our baby came.
Annabelle Bea Nielsen
Born on Tuesday, October 26, 2010
at 4:37 pm
7 pounds 1 ounce & 19 1/2 inches

our first time meeting

22 October 2010

Goodnight Marilyn...

Tonight Chase and I went out for dinner. We chose Michelangelo Ristorante. I've been wanting to go there for a long time and we figured once the baby comes, we probably won't be going out on spontaneous date nights much, so we went.

As the host walked us to our table, he said to me, "If it get's to cold, I can place a cover on the vent" and pointed down... right then I felt a gust of cold air... and I looked down and well, my skirt was almost up in my face! I was standing right beside our table and I guess it just so happens I was standing right above a vent! Yikes. I started laughing and laughing and pushing my skirt down, at least trying to as I slid into the booth. The host looked very embarrassed for me, laughed too and looked away. {Chase was behind me and claims to have not witnessed any of this situation!} The Host sure got a "cute" view of me....

But the food was delicious!! They bring out freshly baked bread with oil & vinegar. I had a salad with these delicious fresh sliced tomatoes and Chase had a tomato soup that was to die for, and I don't even like soup! Then I had Gnocchi Gorgonzola and Chase had Chicken Rosmarino. Yum yum yum. 

As we were leaving, we had to pass the host again ... and he called out "Goodnight Marilyn!" Haha!! So funny that he would bring it up again, luckily I didn't feel that embarrassed... I probably should have, but oh well! It made for a funny story.

Xoxo, Brittany

ps: Chase also brought me home some beautiful flowers today- he's so sweet!!

This photo-booth picture doesn't do the flowers justice.

21 October 2010


Thank you for the showers, the baby showers!!

I had three.
One with family this summer, hosted by Chase's mom and sister.
A mother-daughter shower with my high school friends,
and my young women had one for me. {I'm the personal progress advisor.}

listening to the sleep 

Grandma Hartley, Mom, Me

I didn't have my camera with me at this shower but luckily my sister took a couple shots on her phone. My sister-in-law also took a bunch of photos, so I'm just waiting to get copies of those too.

Me and the Young Women, they made me this adorable blanket.

At the YW shower, we played a lot of games.
One was guess how many squares of toilet paper fit around Brittany's Belly!
How many do you think it was??

Me with all the YW Leaders.

Andrea, Me and Lizzy (who is also preggo).
They helped with the shower.

Me with some of my friends from Highschool.

Cait and Me with our Mom's.
Her mom, Ann, hosted the shower at her house.
They were all very different and very fun!! We received a lot of much needed and much wanted baby goodies for us and Baby. I love hosting showers and going to showers but really love having them hosted for me! Thank you everyone!!

Xoxo, Brittany

18 October 2010

people say i am...

great, glowing, cute, super cute, beautiful, hot, precious, amazing, gorgeous, fancy, stunning, perfect, skinny, darling, pretty, sexy, great, awesome, adorable, happy, fabulous, funny, a babe, a model, and a lioness....

and some say i am a spy, killer, lover, thriller, kungfu fighter...

If you're ever feeling down, just go through your picture comments and make a list of what people have said about you. It can give you a little boost. Haha.

{warning: if you're feeling down because you used to be really skinny and pretty, it might do more damage to go back and look at all your pretty pictures of yourself... so proceed with caution.}

14 October 2010

Baby Room is progressing...

Freshly painted walls.
{the color at near the bottom of the wall most correctly resembles the color of wall.}
New Crib. New Dresser.

thank you to mom, bruce & chase for assembling the crib
thank you me for carrying the baby for 9 months
we can't wait for our baby girl to enjoy her new room

ps: now we just need a rocker, curtains, to finish our changing table {yes it's the same one chase was changed on} and a baby!!