13 October 2009

chase is perfect.


It's windy today. I found a ladder and a post from our fence in our driveway! I didn't move them. I hope Chase sees them and moves them when he gets home. I am making salmon for dinner tonight. I'm excited. I don't know when Chase will be home though. I haven't made a decent dinner for Chase in a long time, but I love Chase and he's really good to me, so I want to make him a nice dinner. He usually is the one doing nice things for me. He does the laundry and the dishes. He'll leave in the middle of sacrament meeting to get me a sweater because I'm freezing. He makes us money so we can live. He made me taco soup on Sunday. He sets out vitamins for me every single morning. He let's me practice facials on him, even when his face burns from the mask. He let's me put my cold feet on his warm feet when we snuggle. He keeps us organized and the house clean.
I love him, and he loves me too.



leah.jane said...

cute! sounds like a keeper.

Laura Hunter said...

you guys are so cute! ps the hair on my legs is getting a little long. i dont know if i can make it to 1/4 inch? 1/2 inch? its driving me nuts! ha ha probably shouldn't broadcast that. anytime you wanna wax me! let me know! ha ha

Anonymous said...

haha this is a sweet ode to your husband! Your writing makes me laugh; it's so cute and just like you :)