23 October 2009

in 7 days, i will be 23.

I'm excited for my birthday, one week from today I'll be 23. I like that age better then 22.
My birthday is the day before halloween. In Canada, we write, Hallowe'en. Lot's of little things are different across the boarder. In fact, my sister wrote a BLOG about it on Canadian Thanksgiving. I don't know what to do for my birthday, or what to want.

I'm excited for Thanksgiving here. Rumor has it that my brother's family is coming to visit. They stayed with my mom for about a month this summer, it was so much fun to play with my nieces so much. I'll have to write about my summer soon. it's just that my pictu
res are so scattered from computer to computer. I need to be more organized with them.

Halloween is coming soon and I have no costumes.
Xoxo, Brittany.

ps: I wouldn't mind getting a bike for my birthday. A little while ago, Chase and I went on a bike ride downtown by the capital and through the Avenues down to Memory Grove park. It was really really fun. We borrowed bikes, because we both don't have a bike. Perhaps it would be better to get a bike in the spring though. Plus, if I get a bike, Chase would have to get a bike too- no point in just one of us having one, right?


Laurel & Bruce said...

get bikes so you can ride with Bruce and I! For sure.

leah.jane said...

i got a bike from ryan last year, and i'm still loving it. plus it's so birthday-y. that's a word right? i'm almost positive birthday-y is a word.

Andrew said...

I think its a word. Happy b day.